411 on tha 420

Looks like someone is paying close attention to a certain pot bust in Azusa several months ago.
I especially like how they swiped our video (and yes that is me before I learned to speak in an animated voice)
Oh yeah…looks like someone in this case will be arraigned Friday 10-19 in Pomona… We’ll shoot for an update.

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  • Truth of the people

    Judge Charles Horan, Denied defendents of a medical cannabis defense. He told them if they went with a jury trial he wouldn’t allow any of the defence witness that included 2 collectives/caregivers & Chris Conrad (State appointed medical cannabis expert). He told them that they would be guaranteed 3 years in a state prison!! But if they do a Court trial they will get 3 years probation 128 days of caltrans or tree duty or county time.
    +register as a narcotic offender, summit DNA, drug testing (Even though are all legal prop215 patients)., Pay fines, They can’t be around any cannabis or associate with anyone or anyting having to do with cannabis. One defendant will be forced to move 60 days They had no choice but to have a court trial, Judge Charles Horan don’t believe that PROP215 is a good law and said that their original medical doctor recommendation for cannabis didn’t mean nothing to him. They were denied of a fair trial!! They will be appealing this ruling. They need help in any way!! I saw this trial take place, I was sadden to see a state court appointed judge ignore STATE LAW PROP. 215 SB420!!! THIS WAS NOT A FAIR TRIAL! Crime is being done by our justice system!! Only we the people can vote out renegade judges.