CHP honors local hero

This entire entry comes from ace reporter Fred Ortega:

Montclair resident Andrew Padilla was lauded as a hero Thursday by the California Highway Patrol for helping pull an officer away from a burning vehicle during a July 30 traffic accident.
Officer John Tapia was driving eastbound on the Pomona (60) Freeway when his squad car was struck from behind by a Ford Expedition, CHP officials said. Tapias vehicle burst into flames and even though the officer was able to push his door open and stumble out, he collapsed next to the burning car.
Padilla, who was driving by at the time, stopped his car and rushed to the wreck, pulling the injured Tapia to safety. Tapia suffered head injuries and numerous burns from the incident, but has since recovered. In recognition of his efforts, Padilla received a certificate of commendation Thursday at the CHP Baldwin Park office. Attending the ceremony were Capt. Bill Siegel, who presented the commendation, and Tapia.

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  • Tom

    Kudos to Mr. Padilla. Too often we choose to ignore things. Thank you to Mr. Padilla for choosing to become involved. He deserves more than just a station commendation!