Notes from Walnut bus tragedy

The CHP didn’t do such a hot job managing the press out at CJ Morris Elementary School in the aftermath of a fatal school bus accident that claimed the life of Andrea Meza, 30, of Walnut.
Initially investigators told reporters that Andrea had saved the live of her two-year-old daughter by tossing the girl just before Andrea was struck and killed.
Later they retracted that statement, even though witnesses told Ed Meza, Andrea’s brother-in-law, that Andrea had saved the little girl.
They also reported two different speeds for how fast the bus was traveling at the time of the accident. One Chippie told reporters the bus was traveling at speeds of 10-25 mph. Another Chippie said the bus was only going about 5 mph.
Finally, they were unable to get the sex of the toddler straight. One Chippie correctly stated the toddler was a girl, but incorrectly stated her age (claiming the little girl was three –she’s two)
The other Chippie got the age right, but claimed the tot was a boy.
Sometime around 8:30 p.m. we sorted fact from fiction and put together a complete story that will appear in the paper tomorrow morning. We will be following the aftermath of this tragedy throughout the weekend and on Monday when students return to school.

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  • Walnut Mom

    The accident happened several minutes after school was dismissed.

    My daughter, a South Pointe student had minutes before, arrived at CJ on another bus and was standing nearby. My son, a student at CJ had already come out through the fence was standing next to her. They saw the bus coming at them and had it veered to the left, it would have taken them down and many other children/adults that were in the area they were standing. The bus crashed right through the fence that students use to exit the campus.

    Sadly, Andrea Meza did not know the bus was approaching her until seconds before. She turned around and saw the bus coming at her and was hit. She did not have time to throw her child, as the news is reporting.

    Pandemonium immediately ensued as parents scrambled to find their children after realizing what had just happened. At the same time, people were trying to get Andrea’s daughter out from underneath the bus. Thankfully she wasnt seriously hurt..

    Its still too painful to think of all that happened today.