Hospital Havoc in Bolen Parque

Something happened at Kaiser Hospital in Bolen, what it was though remains something of a mystery. Our reporter and two photographers heard a call on the scanner that there was a gunman (or gunmen) inside the facility late Sunday.
Baldwin Park PD rolled to the scene as did Irwindale and sheriff’s deputies. A sergeant at the Industry Station said his deputies responded specifically because there was a report of a gunman in the hospital. Several patients, including a man with a malfunctioning pace maker, were turned away from the emergency room during the crisis.
Yet, when all was said and done, Baldwin Park police Lt. Dave Reynoso would have us believe nothing much happened at the facility. And he claimed no one was turned away, although Brian Day and our photogs saw it happening and even talked to some of the affected patients.
We reported this before, and it bears mentioning again. The BP Policia have been told by the City Council not to report bad news to the Tribune (or any other outlet).
It’s my opinion that they come off looking incredibly amateurish when they essentially obscure the truth.
Under the law…

…police officers can lie to suspects. Its a well-known trick that is often effective. But, since when did the public or reporters (for that matter) become suspects?
I think that the police would be wise to train folks like Reynoso in the art of PR. Learn how to take questions without being defensive … don’t lie to make us go away.
Don’t tell us no one was turned away when we’ve been talkign to people who were turned away all night.
Don’t make ridiculous statements that make it seem like you don’ t know how many shooting victims are in the hospital.
How many could there be? One? Two? Ten? 100?
What we’ve been told (by non-police witnesses) about this incident is that a gunman (or gunmen) went to the hospital looking to “finish a hit.”
Check out the news today. There were two shootings over the weekend in Bassett and Industry. Bassett is pretty close to Baldwin Park …what’s the odds that there was one shooting victim in the hospital?
What went down last night is not unlike that>scene from the Godfather, when Vito Corleone was shot and hospitalized.
Only, it seems there was no Enzo the Baker and no Michael Corleone to take a fist in the face from a frustrated Police Captain.
The media got the brunt of police frustration Sunday night.

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  • anonymus

    And what did the police chief tell you when you brought up all these facts about cops lying to you and when will that interview run? I’d love to buy a copy of the paper that day.

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