Crime scene video

A resident of Waco Street in Baldwin Park shot some gruesome video in the aftermath of Monday’s murder. We just completed reviewing it. Apparently police, sheriff’s detectives and coroner’s investigators had no idea they were being filmed. If anything, the video is a real world look into real-life CSI.

The video begins with a shot of the victim’s body laying on a driveway.

Later on detectives crowd around, while a coroner’s investigator apparently checks the victim’s pockets, feels for wounds and takes a liver temperature.

The victim is then lifted onto a gurney and another examination is conducted. Most of this was done in plain view of the camera.

The video concludes with a brief look at the victim’s family, who have just learned their loved one was shot.


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  • emmanuel banuelos

    hi. my name is emmanuel. the person in your video is my friend oscar. is there anywhere i could see the video. he was visiting his mom. i learned of his death this morning from his cousin. i’ve known oscar since i was three. his sisters are devastated as well as his dad. we will all miss him and he will never ever be replaced. those who committed the crime will be brought to their own justice

  • Ana

    Well lets see where do I begin…Oscar was my brother in law, and the lil man on the picture with him is my nephew LIL OSCAR! I dont understand how a person/persons can be so cruel! They left my nephew without his father my sister without her 1 and only true love..his mother and father without their son…his sister without her brother..and his grandma without his grandson! I just hope that who ever did this 2 us pays the highest price and be brought 2 justice..who ever u are you cant hide 4ever your time will come and they will catch you sooner than later! OSCAR WE WILL MISS YOU WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS! MAY YOU REST IN PEACE!