Arcadia cops hit the street


Arcadia Police Officers ,Family and friends protested for higher pay and more officers at the intersection of Santa Anita Ave and Foothill Blvd in Arcadia November 29. 2007. (SGVN Staff Photo Keith

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  • Tom

    Thanks for the cover Frank. We have been running 12-16 short in the last few years. With a 77 officer department, that is a hit we can’t afford. It is time the community became aware of our status…the City Manager and City Council can’t throw a blanket over it any longer.

  • Anonymous

    One thing we don’t need in Arcadia is more traffic cops. They are just a nuisance. Who needs them with their radar guns writing more tickets. I am in favor of more cops as long as they are not assigned to traffic.

  • Tom

    Hey now, nothing below the belt… Some have that opinion, but funny thing is that the #1 priority in the last community survey was concern for traffic safety and enforcement. The schools and folks with enforcement complaints were not too happy at the beginning of the year when we were down to no officers assigned to traffic for a few months.