“Medal winner” pleads not guilty


From Will Bigham at our sister paper, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

LOS ANGELES – The local water board member charged with falsely claiming to have won the Medal of Honor pleaded not guilty today during an arraignment hearing in a federal court downtown.

Xavier Alvarez, who represents south Pomona on the governing board of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, was charged by federal authorities in September.

Trial was set for Jan. 22. He was appointed a public defender.

Alvarez was tape recorded making the medal claim during the July 23 meeting of the Walnut Valley Water District, where he spoke to the board after being introduced as a guest.

At the meeting, Alvarez said he was wounded multiple times while serving as a Marine during the Vietnam War.

He later admitted he never served in the military.

Alvarez was censured by the Three Valleys board on Oct. 26 for illegally funnelling spousal health benefits to a woman who divorced him in 2002.

Other claims the 49-year-old Pomona native has made about his past appear to be untrue.

He claims to have earned an engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona, though the school has no record of him ever attending.

He listed his occupation on last November’s ballot as “engineer.” He has refused to publicly disclose where he works and whether he is employed.



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More Miller

At least two Orange County-based blogs are keeping track of the ongoing U.S. Rep. Gary Miller story.

First there’s Red County with this entry.

The OCR Buzz Blog posted this.

Finally, here’s the Google News roundup on the story that was posted here first. (of course you already knew that)


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Miller case snail call


We get mail every day. Some positive. Some negative. One reader apparently thinks there is a pro-Gary Miller bias here. Here’s what she wrote:

I  thougth a good reporter was supposed to present an unbiased opion when reporting a story.  Why are you trying to glorify Gary Miller?  Your articles start out by addressing the issue of the grandchildren and then focus on Gary Miller and his accomplishments.

 Are you not the least bit curious as to why the father of these children is not pursuing finding these children, or on the fact that he has been convicted of spousal and child abuse?  Why would anyone plead guilty of these accusations to just put the relationship behind him?   Gee, does this sound like the Greg Hidel case all over again?  A father with money protects the abuser son, and the one who is actually the victim is the one now in the wrong. 

Seriously, you need to fact find before you continue to report on this story.  Most of your information is obtained by the Gary Miller camp, so actual reporting on your part is less than adequate. 

It is very sad that Elizabeth Miller passed away, but FYI she is the one family member who refused to testify  against Jennifer Lopez.

Truthfully, the only Gary we have any bias toward is Gary the snail.

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Miller’s daughter dead at 33, according to press release

Here’s the text of the press release from Miller’s office this afternoon:

Rep. Miller Announces Passing of Daughter

Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Rep. Gary Miller and Cathy Miller, passed away unexpectedly early Saturday morning.  She was 33.

Elizabeth was full of lifea vibrant and beautiful young woman who embraced everyone she knew, said Mr. Miller.  She was the love of my life and will always be missed.  She is in a better place and at peace in Gods arms.

Elizabeth was born July 17, 1974 and grew up in Diamond Bar, CA with her parents and three brothers.  She attended undergrad at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and earned a Masters of Business Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It was there she met her future husband, Donald Miller.

Elizabeth and Donald married in August 2005 and settled in Atlanta, GA where they both accepted executive positions at Home Depots corporate headquarters.  

Elizabeth is survived by her husband, Donald; parents, Gary and Cathy; and three brothers Matthew, Brian and Loren.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, December 1 at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA. 


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Miller v Lopez Day 4

Accusations between parties continued to fly on Thanksgiving Eve. With the Millers asking for phone records and banking information, while the Lopez’s provided tons of information.

Obviously the question remains, Where’s Jennifer, George and the boys?
Miller’s accusations seem to point to a possible flight from the country.
Lopez told me late yesterday, that he has the passports………..
The sheriff’s department says they’re looking in Vegas …Of course up until Wednesday they said they were looking for a car that wasn’t “missing.”

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Man-Ling prelim set

This from the wires:

Thursday, 8:30 a.m. POMONA – A preliminary hearing date is scheduled to be set for Manling Tsang Williams, who is charged with capital murder in the slayings of her husband and the couples two young sons at the familys Rowland Heights home. Dept. S, Pomona

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