Wiretaps used against Eme associates in criminal case

Apparently the case unveiled today involves six members of a criminal gang involved in a conspiracy to murder. Wiretaps were used to make the case.

The target was Rafael Gonzalez Munoz Jr. AKA Cisco noted as an Emero in the charging documents.

Named in the case are David Sahagun , Yvonne Colleen Montes, George Bravo, Anthony Palacios, Angelita Martinez.

They discussed meeting their victim at Margarita Jones in West Covina….

Another wiretap in the case took place at 307 south Vermont in Glendora.

More TK

some in the case are related to Jacques Padilla,  a man named by the cops as an Emero.  Another potential victim maybe in protective custody at Cochrane state prison. 

5:26 p.m. update. There is some confusion about Mr. Padilla’s nickname. We deleted it from the post.

5:29 p.m. update, sheriff’s used the nickname “Jocko”  when referring to Mr. Padilla.

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