New Mexico murder suspect

1158-SV11-SUS-thumb-300x375.jpgThis is a mugshot of Travis Ryan Rowley, a one-time Glendora resident charged in a brutal double homicide in Albuquerque, N.M.

Rowley and an accomplice, Michael Lee, are suspected of beating an elderly couple to death at their home in an upscale neighborhood.

The couple identified as Tak Yi and Pung Yi were fairly prominent in their community according to reporter Maggie Sheppard’s stories in the Albuquerque Tribune.

A criminal complaint against Rowley was read at an arraignment Saturday in Bernallo County N.M.

The pair were selling magazines for a company called Integrity PGM. Here’s what the “Ripoff Report” says about Integrity.

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  • dean norris

    Hey Man,

    this happened not far form where we’re staying didn’t realize the socal connection

    heard there was some police activity at Chappies Saturday night did you know that? heard they caught a robber who robbed somone at gunpoint then said, unbelievably, don’t follow me I’m going to Chappies. Police waited and sure enough the dumb fuck showed up

  • Frank Girardot

    Thunderheart was playing at Chappies Saturday night when the crap went down. First there was a phone call; then the cops showed up; then certain members (and former members) of law enforcement decided it was a good time to pack — and they did.
    Apparently the dude was arrested outside Chappies during Thunderheart’s second set!

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  • Unknown

    I have known travis for many many years…he is innocent especially since bloomfield even admited he did it. He is innocent you all will see…give it time.

  • Tina Gibson

    I happened to have worked with both these men and they are innocent.:) my prayers are with you and your familys

  • Virginia Rowley

    Bloomfield confess to the crime and there is no DNA or any other evidence placing Travis and mike there. I know newspapers don’t always report 100% correct info, but one newspaper stated that Travis and mike’s boss had receipts proving both of them were no where near the crime scene.