From the mailbag

I got this letter last weekend. It speaks for itself, (I’ve not edited it either)

 I was just surfing around and found your page very interesting. I was wondering what your thoughts would be on an incident that happened to my husband on the gold line this past week.  He was riding his bike on the train when an officer stopped him asked him for his ticket and warns him about having the bike on the train.

 My husband asks him for the schedule of when bikes are permitted. The officer did not know the schedule was angered at the question taking it as questioning his authority, threatened to take my husbands bike and tare up his ticket. When my husband stated to him that it is his right to question his intentions the officer when into a rage and threatened to kill my husband. 

 When the main reason I am telling you this is that we made 3 complaints, why 3. The fist one was never taken the second was lost and it wasnt until we spoke to a watch commander at a different department that we learned the Metro sheriffs handle all there own complaints and lost reports are a recurring issue.

This is unacceptable!!!!!!!.

To put top it all off we have just found that my husbands supervisor also complained about the same sheriff and was latter threatened by him for complaining. I feel he is a serious threat to the community and should be removed from his current duties. We literally had to accuse them of destroying our report so we could get some kind of reference number witch was nonexistent the first couple of time we called. I wish I could say this is the only incident we have had with our corrupted system but I have court document and internal affairs reports that show that we as a society are not protected form our true terrorists.


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  • Mike

    Jeez, get real!

  • us

    The Sherrif’s department is filled with power hungry, mentally challenged, officers. this comes as no surprise. btw, why are we paying these guys such a weighty salary for sitting on their asses and checking for train tickets. couldnt we hire someother numbskull to do this?

  • Colin

    I experienced a similar situation w/ one of the Metro police officers.

    I got off at Filmore station(mind you,I didn’t know that you were supposed to have purchased a ticket prior to boarding the train)I walked up to the ticket machine to buy a ticket, and as I pulled out my wallet,the Sheriff calls me over although there are other people waiting to show their tickets. He asks for my ID, and I ask why? His frustration in asking the second time could be heard in his voice. I gave him my school ID(the ONLY ID I have EVER had other than a passport) He then asks for my wallet. I told him no, and then I asked why?I reluctantly handed him my wallet. He tells me to step to the side. I do as he asks while trying to figure out what was happening. He tells me to spread my legs,and it was then that I understood what was in action. I was being arrested. He tells me to spread my legs. Each time he asks, I move closer to doing splits. He YELLS in asking me to do so. On go the handcuffs. I ask why I’m being arrested and not the other young man who was already there w/ the sheriff. He says it’s cause I gave him “attitude” I guess he was referring to my not handing him my wallet. He tells me I’m going to jail. He writes the other guy a ticket, and he was on his way.I was in handcuffs for about 20 minutes before receiving my citation. While the sheriff was writing me up, another train arrives. A woman passes by, but is quickly called back to show her ticket. She told the sheriff that she did not have one. I walk away from the station on my way to school.(by this time I am already about 45 minutes late. As I walked down Arrow Pkwy, I see the SAME woman on the other side of the street.(not even five minutes after my leaving the station)I seriously doubt that that woman had been cited for deliberately hopping the train.

  • Colin

    By the way,that officers name was R. Pico

  • annon

    The comment about being mentally challenged is a good one. I really don’t think most of these guys in the Sheriff department are very smart at all. If you gave them a 10th grade math or English exam and they had to answer the questions on a video tape it would be very embarrasing for them. They would not pass.

    The Sherrif’s department is filled with power hungry, mentally challenged

  • Anonymous

    These sheriffs that are mentioned are probably bitter for not getting a “real” beat.

    These guys need to be tested for steroids. They are so angry.

    If the one Sheriff made a threat like that more than once. HE needs to go.

  • Anonymous

    These sheriffs that are mentioned are probably bitter for not getting a “real” beat.

    These guys need to be tested for steroids. They are so angry.

    If the one Sheriff made a threat like that more than once. HE needs to go.

  • I can certainly attest to two incidences of petty ticketing. The Gold Line cops are a little full of themselves. We in Pasadena need to talk to the judge in Traffic Court who hears any offense on the Pasadena Gold Line. I have his name here somewhere…

  • This comment comes from reporter Dan Abendschein:

    Looks to me like bikes on the rail are perfectly OK: on Rail.pdf

    I checked because I have been thinking of using the rail to get back from a bike ride down to Long Beach.

    Unless the person who emailed was actually RIDING the bike on the train or platform, that cop didn’t even have the law on his side.

  • frazgo

    Wow…I have a friend who used the gold line a few times to get up here from downtown with his bike on a few occassions and never a problem. I wonder what this is all about.

    With a city trying to get mass transit and alternative transit like bikes a reality what is that all about?

  • Will Campbell

    The time and day of the incident is key, but not clear.

    Bikes are not allowed on Metro rail lines during weekday peak usage times of 6:30 – 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

    I’m not listing that to support the alleged behavior of the deputy but if the incident happened during those intervals the officer wasn’t totally crazy, just mostly.

  • The Wife’s Update

    I wish I could express to you how these officers’ actions effect my family. Yes we don’t like hearing the dramatics of life. But really how much more abuse, am I the only one that sees it am I crazy. Yes we checked the time on the citation and it was at 9:45 am, on Thur. Nov.29. The citation was for Unruly Behavior (the irony), he scribble his name but his serial No. is 432015 (I’M SURE THIS IS PUBLIC INFORMATION, RIGHT??!!!) Lastly I have full faith in people and knowledge of a greater “AUTHORITY”, Thank you for listening.

    The wife