Crip bank robbers taken down in SLO

Apparently these guys may be responsible for as many as 25 robberies in Los Angeles County. They were picked up in San Luis Obispo apparently on their way to another bank, officials said.

Here’s the mug shots.

Here’s the story from the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

San Luis Obispo police said Monday the group of men they arrested last week after one of their cars was traced back to an L.A.-area bank robbery could be responsible for as many as 25 bank robberies in Southern California and neighboring states over the last two years.

SLO detectives were investigating the Nov. 21 takeover-style robbery of the Downey Savings and Loan bank in San Luis Obispo when they received information leading them to a man named Leonard Jones, according to a press release today from San Luis Obispo police. Jones was believed to be the ringleader of a Los Angeles-based group that local police thought might be responsible for the Nov. 21 heist.

Further, the FBI told SLO police that Jones and his group might be behind as many as 25 robberies in Southern California and neighboring states over the last two years. The FBI has christened the group the “Big Money Bandits,” because the robbers yell “Give us the big money,” during their heists.

SLO police said the methods and descriptions of suspects in the Big Money Bandit robberies are similar to the Downey Savings incident.

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    Where in the story doe’s it make mention that these suspects are “crips”? Or do you just assume that because they are African American criminals from Los Angeles?

  • Frank Girardot

    It doesn’t mention it in the story. And I am not making an assumption based on race.
    Do you think I should remove the adjective? Even though I know it to be true?

  • mike alerich

    Race…. Who cares, but TV news in San Luis Obispo and newspapers showed all their photos and home towns based on their lengthy criminal gang records. Check out the internet…simple

  • Ray

    Interesting,I tried the internet and found a website
    scroll down on right side and click ‘typical crip bank robber’

  • Tiffany

    Fuck Slo County you racist pigs!!!! I hope a large wave comes and wash you dirty bastards like you tried to wash my family. Die slow!

  • Ricc rocc

    My cousions dont gang bang moody or simpsion so that gang shit is bull shit n mike alerich they dont have a past gang record u fuck face

  • Leonard

    hey first of all a lengthy record means nothing! ok that man has a family yea he had a rocky path but he who is without sin cast the first stone…dont worry I’ll wait! I know his habits I HAVE HIS HABITS we love to shop if he would have robbed any bank let alone 25 there would have been some heavy spending he has 6 grand children he has never seen dont you think he would have at least flew to see them??? He is innocent I know it and you know it