Too much crime, too much violence

This comment was posted a few hours ago below an entry about Maria Hicks.

You might remember Hicks, a Pico Rivera grandmother, was murdered by taggers when she stopped to confront them earlier this year. Here’s what a former Pico resident had to say:

My wife’s family lived a block away from where this tragedy happened in Pico. We moved to Arizona in 2006 because there was to much gang violence in north Pico. The Brown Authority gang in that area was fighting with Pico Viejo for territory . I got robbed at gun point in front of her house the day before Christmas just one block from where this grandmother got shot. They tried to car jack me but I left the keys in the house. Cops told me they were probably trying to find a car to do a drive by to get even for a shooting of their guys a few days before. For a second I thought I was going to die. I am a honest, working, family guy with no gang ties who was getting ready to celebrate my first Christmas with my baby girl and wife. These gang members have no regard for the citizens who value life. I never will forget what happened to me and hope and pray for the family of this tragedy. I grew up in San Gabriel and know all to well about Sangra. U Could not go to Smith park to swim or play basketball because gang activity there. I remember they robbed my friend for his Nike shoes! My advice for people living in these areas is to move away. As hard as it sounds just try, because the gangs violence will never end. Where I live now in AZ has had 1 homicide (it was domestic incident ) in 2007 and prior to that had not had one in 3 years plus has no gangs. All the violence in Arizona is mostly concentrated to downtown Phoenix region and Mesa. The police here do a great job preventing crime. The suburbs are pretty safe unlike those in San Gabriel Valley. Every city in the SGV has multiple gangs, from Alhambra/Padadena/west cov./B.P/Arcadia/Pomona..u name it. It is amazing to be able to play with your kids in the park with out having to worry about anything. Or to go for a walk in the evening and not have to worry about every car that passes by. To drive around the neighborhoods and not see tagging. The only downside is it is hot in the summer. I wish you all in SGV good luck and god bless

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  • Thomas

    Thanks for sharing. That’s why I moved out of La Puente area into Pasadena area 8 years ago. I feel safer around Pasadena. I trust in the Lord. Jesus is a Saviour and He will never leave us.

  • Tim

    We to moved out of So. Cal. and to northern Arizona. Born and raised both my wife and I there we remember what a wonderful place So.Cal used to be. I don’t miss it a bit! All the politicians who made excuses for the immigration problem which fueled the vicious gangs. I’m white but grew up in Watts. I’m better for that. I attended schools with all races. We for the most part got along well. I had friends in all races. I never saw color only friendship. Its to bad and sad that So.Cal will only further decline.Before we left we lived in a fairly nice area (Walnut). We had a prominent LA County Sheriff lived across the street from us. His son was a drug dealer used and sold out of his house. The boy was protected because he was the son of a sheriff. When the father was sick and dying of cancer the son used to steal his pain medication because the father was to weak to know what was going on. Like I said it was once that shinny city on the hill but now its reduced to the pits.

  • Jessica

    I think Glendora still does not have any gangs. I remember seeing a police spokesman say that in the paper. I have felt pretty safe for the 3 years I’ve lived here (although some of the north Glendorans seem to be afraid of the southwest side, where I live).

  • Anonymous

    In Whittier, I was hearing about rapes and attempted rapes at Rio Hondo College and how the adminstration and city council was hiding it.

    The WDN reported last year a horrific incident to woman who worked there, and it finally brought security concerns to light.

    The letter writer wrote:

    “My advice for people living in these areas is to move away. As hard as it sounds just try, because the gangs violence will never end.”

    This is sad, but it may be true.

    Just look at all your leadership.

  • Art Robledo

    It’s sad to read that criminals are gaining the upper hand on law abidding citizens. We are all too well aware why this is happening… Judges and Lawyers.. You can exclude Cops.. There just doing what they are told to do from the top. I’ve spoken to many officers and they all tell me there hands are tied.. SO WHAT’S WRONG? THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.. A COMPLETE JOKE.. BRACE YOURSELVES GOOD PEOPLE, THERE’S ABOUT 20 THOUSAND CONVICTED CRIMINALS HEADED OUR WAY.. ARE YOU READY??? I AM!!! By the way, I would never move.. I would take action!

  • adriana

    Where do I find this article?