We get mail

Last week we chronicled the travails of riding Metro with a bike.

This week Crime Scene reprinted a letter from a true crime author who claimed to have intimate knowledge of our computer systems. The Crime Scene Question was: Should We Post “The Story” Here?

UPDATED 1/22/08

I’ve removed this post because it contains no local relevance.


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  • Tania

    Post it. It’s a must, even just for a laugh.

  • http://www.myspace.com/lunchtimedowner Miss Havisham

    The letter reads like a crime fiction. I’m curious what in the world this person wants on the front page?

  • R.

    Post the letter, maybe he will take mercy on the corporation and fill them in on the ubiquitous loophole in the news industry.

  • MA

    Don’t forget to also leave the money in small, unmarked bills in the hollow of the old oak tree at midnight. And, remember, no cops, or your network gets it!

  • Bethania

    Curiosity prevails. Post it Frank!

  • Mad_tony

    of course if you are using a Microsoft server has your admin added all the patchs ?

  • anonnemus

    F* this nut Job! Don’t print anything. He can buy ad space like all those other fake news stories about Gold coins you guys so ReadilY sell and run. Let him rot in hell with his IT know it all brain. Who cares if your system lets in a trojan horse, that is no ones problem but yours. F* this nut, call the FBI and have him trown in jail for blackmail, extortion and TERRORIST THREATS!

  • Mad_Tony

    og course the fact I post :”of course if you are using a Microsoft server has your admin added all the patchs ?”
    and not Bethania shows you have some thing wrong.