Bad craziness in Old Town

We were asleep at the wheel and missed getting the news story about the shooting at Colorado and Fair Oaks in today’s paper.

The Times got the news in their B-Section with quotes from Lt. Randall Taylor and Chief Barney Melekian.

Reporter Caroline An was at the scene moments after the shooting occurred and was able to get some color. She is working on a story.

11:42 A.M. UPDATE ADDED HERE…. I just read our initial story on the shooting and what strikes me is how Lt. Taylor apparently inplied that Pasadena officers chased down the shooting suspect and captured him moments after the incident.

In fact, cops were nowhere around when it went down and the shooter was chased down and captured by volunteers in Old Town there to guide tourists around.


In my opinion, here’s some of what we need to find out:


  • How will this incident affect security in the lead up to the Rose Parade? Wasn’t it just last week that Melekian said security was so tight that he wouldn’t allow the Falun Gong chapter to have their own pre-parade event?
  • How will it affect shopping? There are plenty of tourists in town for the Rose Bowl game. Are they now going to travel to safer shopping destinations?
  • Is this a spill over from the increased violence plaguing Northwest Pasadena throughout the year?
  • The police department said it has no plans for beefed up security in Old Town. Why not?
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  • This seems like an isolated incident that couldn’t have been stopped. There’s only so much you can do to prevent something like this. Every once in a while, a bad apple will fall in your yard.

  • Obama Lover!

    Im shocked and appalled by the news of the shooting in old town.I happen to know the shooting suspect Mark Cole, who is physically disabled. Im very sad and disappointed that someone i knew growing up as a child could commit such a tragic act.I blame his guardians for his negative upbriging and exposure to a life of drugs and now violence. As a Pasadena resident i believe our focus should be our children and a drug free society, and our police department should work towards this goal and strive to keep our community safe.

  • Tim K.

    This is not surprising. The problem with Old Town is not security, it’s popularity. Popular places attract ALL types, especially those who desperately seek power and validation. Unfortunately, gangs and people who are seeking retribution against those people are attracted here too. The reason this shooting likely went down in the public area is because the shooter wanted to humiliate the victim as much as kill him. It’s much more difficult to pull off a shooting in a public place.

    I have noticed that there are lot more tensions among people walking in Old Town Pasadena lately, and sadly this is just part of what happens when a place is considered hip and cool. Even gangsters want to be hanging out in cool places too.

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