• not popular

    “I was able to induce your system
    into accepting remote hidden files (not harmfull) using your online
    edition access.”

    Hey in the future don’t induce anything anywhere. That is the tactic of Russian sites that hijack your web browser and then want $$$ to sell you protection from their hijacking. You may be just looking for work but your methods are tacky at best and most likely to be coercive. If you wave around a gun and ask for money you can’t later say “Hey I never said it was a stick up I was just airing out my 9mm.”

  • annonemus

    Hello FBI? There is a terrorist on the loose who has threatened the livelyhood of thousands of newspaper employees by F*ing up their system infrastructure. Can you please arrest him and take him to Guantanamo for a little waterboarding action? thank you…

    PS: He was smart enough to give us his real name, so there’ll be no problem finding him asap.

  • annonemus

    Hey Frank,

    check this out.. if this is the same guy, you better call the cops NOW!!!!!

    the following is from website jackswint.com and it is terrifying!!!! Argh!

    First thing I notices is the title at the top of the website: “CREATIVE IMPULSE – True Memoirs Of A Terrible Son”

    Part of his “bio” says this:

    “No one could fully explain it then or now, not even Jack. But that one incident was the beginning of a long history of running away, committing crimes, ruining the lives of friends or strangers and causing his parents and family so much embarrassment and shame that can never be imagined. Running away from home became more frequent and each time he would leave, a life of crime began to surface more and more as it became his existence growing up.”

    Goddamit frank, publish that F*ing Manifesto asap and do it quietly.. this F*er means busyiness… he himself says he ruins people who double cross him.. hes an admitted cirminal and does terrible things to those who do not obey his command…

    For the love of Goddddddddddddddddddddd frank, I beggayou, please print this crasy F*s Mein Kampf….. or hes gonna F*up somebody or somebodies…. Arrgghhhhh.. This shit is as F*ed up as they come and I’m ready to kall the coppers meself if you dont or just publish that F*ing letter book or whatever he sent you and get over with it… this shit means bithness… Gonna close my windows and blinds tonight and sleep with my black shinny lover tonight (9mm luger)… bye.

  • Jack Swint

    Give it a break folks, no one has threatned anyone. And no one is going to ruin anyones system.

    Some of you people are more bizarre then I could ever be. And the comments from the book are from 10 years back before being diagnosed with disorders that some of you sound like your suffering from now.

    Chill down, and enjoy your new-years

  • not popular

    And the comments from the book are from 10 years back before being diagnosed with disorders ……………………………………..
    ’nuff said jack