Watch over those plastic chairs

This from reporter Brian Day who reports that Pasadena Police are on “plastic chair patrol” today. Apparently, patrons of the coveted Tournament of Roses parade are not allowed to leave their belongings unattended on the parade route. That includes those ever popular plastic chairs usually used as placemarkers for eager parade watchers. Read on:

Though officially Rose Parade watchers are not supposed to begin claiming their street-side spots from which to observe the festivities, some just couldn’t wait, Pasadena police said.

Shortly after 10 a.m., people were already staking out prime locations along the parade route with lawn chairs, said Pasadena police Lt. Keith Jones.

All chairs and other items along the route must not be left unattended or they will be impounded Jones added, and will have to be picked up later.

Not every seat must necessarily be filled, however.

One person can keep guard over several chairs for friends or family, Jones said, but within reason.

It’s not OK for one person to watch over a large number of seats, he said.


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    Is there a complete replay of the tournament of roses parade? Many viewers did not know the time of the parade in their area.It is so distinct there should be a tv channel dedicated to review several times.

  • AP

    Man, all this stuff in Whittier makes me scared considering my girlfriend lives there.