This from reporter Dan Abendschein:


Parolee raids: the family’s view

Picture this: you hear a heavy knocking at 6 a.m. at your door. You wake up and open the door and 10 police officers are standing there, with a team from the humane society to distract your dogs from biting at them, and a child services team in case your entire household gets arrested and they need to take your children into custody.

Meanwhile, the police come in and search your house, and quite likely end up dragging your husband/brother/father off to jail after finding something incriminating in their room. Meanwhile, neighbors begin streaming out their doors to find a dozen police cars blocking double-parked up and down the block.

There are so many police standing around that they have nothing better to do than tell you what a mistake it was that you allowed the husband/brother/father back into your house after his time in prison, and how they are looking forward to putting him back there.

Not a very fun morning.

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10 thoughts on “RAID!

  1. you’ve probly never had a loved one make wrong decisions or choices we cant always just drop them like flies.every body deserves a second chance.Faith is all we can have forthose that are lost that we love

    (This comment was edited for content, specifically language — FCG)

  3. wow, those comments should remind the paper of the immediacy of new media.

    props for not editing out the comment, frank.

  4. Us, I did edit the comment. Simply wanted to allow the expression but without the four-letter words. It doesn’t advance the conversation. And the commenter has not been banned.

  5. Most people do deserve a second chance Valerie. Not any more than that though and my sympathy lies with the children who have no choice as to what they’re born into.

    Parents who put their kids into this type of situation, or allow it to happen are of very low moral fiber.

    Local Boy

  6. Lboy,

    Again, your comments betray your crude moral compass.

    You say, “Parents who put their kids, or allow it to happen, are of poor moral fiber.”

    First, I think most of us half-brainers would draw a distinction between actively encouraging the gang lifestyle and watching your kids get sucked into it. But aside from that fundamental problem, there is another:

    How does your claim make sense of siblings who have chosen different paths (e.g., the Clinton Siblings)? Are the parents simultaneously of low moral fiber for having raised a drug addict AND a high moral fiber because the other son turned out to be President?

    Your simplistic ethic (e.g., lock up all the bad guys and throw away the keys; parents should tell their children what to do) is so far removed from reality one wonders how you even get the SGV Tribune?

  7. For a guy who attempts to sound college educated and have more than a half a brain, you use tactics in your posts that are not only easily dismantled but shown to be simple minded at best. You are proving with each post to me that my half a brain comment was accurate.

    First of all you never say if the two different siblings situation you pulled out of the sky, come from parents of low moral fiber. That in itself makes the rest of your post moot.

    This is what I said..”Parents who put their kids into this type of situation, or allow it to happen are of very low moral fiber.” You don’t address that at all. You just twist it around as if you’re making a real point.

    I know it’s tough when you attempt to joust with someone who not only can read but comprehend what they read. You’re not used to that I guess.

    What situation are we talking about here anyway? If you don’t quite understand it I’ll put it simply. It’s the situation where parents, or other people responsible for minor children, have dope, weapons, gangsters or thugs as part of their life and in their homes. Got it now? Of course you probably look at these people as positive role models,but most people don’t.

    By taking half of my post and than attempting to run with it without speaking on the first half of the post you just come off as sneaky and weak..nothing more. Of course I’ve showed that about you time and again on this board.

    You go off into another topic and speak of parents who raise a drug addict kid and a president without addressing what I said at all. You ask for an explanation to something I didn’t write or offer an opinion on as if I did.

    I wrote on how parents who raise kids under conditions that these arrestees were obviously doing, are of low moral fiber. I wrote nothing about what you ponder and it’s an issue that you threw out because you have no game.

    That you think it’s “simplistic” that parents should tell their children what to do shows you to be an arrogant light weight and nothing more.

    Not only should parents do exactly that, but they should set a proper example for their children as that is their duty. Otherwise it falls on the shoulders of others, like cops. By than it’s often too late to do any good. Another generation of gangsters, thugs and miscreants but that’s Ok to people like you.

    Parents, like these arrestees, who abdicate their duty to act in the proper manner so their children grow into positive and contributing members of society are worthless. That would include their supporters. Who is better to raise a child, and teach them what they can or can’t do? A loving and responsible parent or a cop? If the first doesn’t raise you right the second sometimes has to step in…and that is sad.

    There are simple answers to many problems but some people are too simple to embrace or even understand those answers.

    You appear to be the president of that group. Maybe you should argue on a My Space board where you might be able to get away with the trash you post here.

    Local Boy

  8. Lboy,

    You claimed, parents who allow their children to become drug addicts are of low moral fiber. In doing so, you echo a tired, rehearsed and outdated assumption:
    good parents raise good citizens and bad parents raise bad citizens.

    I raised a case where your simplistic notions fail. I’m sorry that in all your years of defending the status quo you’ve never been asked to defend your basic assumptions. As a person trained to identify the weakness of a given argument, Im more than happy to move you along in your development. Soon you’ll learn you cant go around making blanket statements without defending them. Hopefully, you;ll also learn to attack the actual argument of the person you are dealing with, as opposed to a caricatured version of it.

    Alongside that Sunday school course you might want to jaunt over to the Junior College and pick up a class in logic (while there, ask about that ad hominem thing).

    By the way, I appreciate you telling me what I sound like (i.e., half brained, college wanabee). I’d return the favor but I’m confident you’ve been told time and time again.

  9. Are you reading comprehension challenged? Here is what I wrote.

    “Parents who put their kids into this type of situation, or allow it to happen are of very low moral fiber.”

    I did not say as you posted..”You claimed, parents who allow their children to become drug addicts are of low moral fiber.” I talked about the situation idiot parents put their kids in, such as the dopes hooked up by Azusa P.D.

    You are a liar and nothing more. To start a response to a post with an easily seen lie pretty much makes you a person… of low moral fiber…doesn’t it?

    So easy to take you apart. Hope the medicinal marijuana is treating you OK.

    Local Boy

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