A pair of crime scenes

On the right is the scene where Brandon Lee was shot. On the left is a shot from outside the Peck Road Apartment where Sammantha Salas was shot to death Saturday.3325-ssalascsceen-thumb-300x300.jpg3323-bleecrimescene-thumb-300x300.jpg

3 thoughts on “A pair of crime scenes

  1. meetings tonight at community center 4:30
    district office at 6 and another at 7 pm at Annunciation church @ Longden and Peck.

  2. I’ve been sitting here for the last two nights listening to the police scanner and I must say…. You rock MPD!! Good job out there pulling over and checking out all that people you are. Its like none stop every 20 seconds!!!
    Amazing! Way to go, keep up the good work! Thanks to all of the other PD’s that are helping you out. God bless and keep you all safe!

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