Activity in Monrovia

Were seeing (and hearing about) lots of increased police presence at the high schools and middle schools in Monrovia this morning.
Police units are patrolling the areas as a precautionary measure and in response to increased gang violence over the last several days, according to officials.
A Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department patrol car was also parked in front of neighboring Duarte High School just after 8 a.m. today.

No new information yet on the most recent gang-related slaying.
It happened Tuesday night when a 19-year-old black man was shot while standing on the sidewalk in the 500 block of Almond Avenue just before 8 p.m.
The shooters have been described as Latino males.

I swung by the crime scene before 7 a.m. today, but all remnants of what had happened were gone. No vigils and nothing left behind by police.
It was a little early to be knocking on neighbors doors, but one man I spotted standing outside said his sister heard the shots Tuesday night.

Word is this is likely retaliation for 16-year-old Samantha Salas shooting death on Saturday night.
Were still trying to get more information on the 19-year-old. He died after being transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.
A call to the coroners office early this morning found that his body had not yet been picked up from the hospital.
They expected to retrieve him morning by late morning.

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  • That location is quite close to the park where the City is supposed to hold the MAP kick-off this Saturday. That program is specifically aimed at resolving some of these problems.

    The City cannot cancel that event. There must be no retreat in the face of these thugs.

    Also, LASO cars with multiple deputies (possibly five) were observed on Huntington this morning. That sounds like a major presence or raid somehwere.

  • Anonymous

    Rest in Peace Brandon Lee

  • Berta

    Robert, can you be more specific as to the park and the time?

  • Berta

    can you be specific as to the time and the park?

  • frazgo

    The tally keeps rolling. Such a sad time.

    I hear that Channel 5 news morning show was at one of the Starbucks interviewing people.

    The map info from the city web:

  • Anonymous

    I am very concerned about all of this going on in our community. My son goes to the high school and is scared to go to school today. Apparently there is a rumor on campus that the next shooting will take place at the high school. I called the school but really didn’t get any answers. Something really needs to be done and quick!!!

  • Longtime Wildcat

    Parents need to clean their own houses. Stop housing your thug kids, nephews, grandkids etc. If they had to work 8-12 hours a day to support themselves like we do, then they would be too tired to roam the streets and cause trouble. This may support welfare reform as well. We should at least be very disciplined about whom is eligible to receive it.

    Don’t blame the police. Let’s make the police AND the judicial system work for us. Cops have to arrest the same thugs every few years. These gang battles seem to go in cycles that correspond to thugs getting out of jail. Why do thugs in prison even have communication with the outside world? Those bastards have more rights than the families who have been devastated by the crimes.

    Parents need to provide loving role-models for their kids to emulate. Why do kids want to impress the jailhouse thugs rather than their grandparents who sacrificed everything from crossing the border, or marching with Dr. King.

    Let’s return to some good values. Why should we be worried about police pulling us over if we have nothing to hide. I would gladly agree to be pulled over every day if it would provide safety to everybody else.

    Again, it all starts at home. Clean your houses so that there is nothing to hide. Show your kids/wards a better way of life. Love them. Listen to them. Be sensitive to what they are going through. Pull them with you, don’t push them away.

  • A.S

    I still dont fully understand how he is no longer with us. He moved away to college to get away from the gang life and was trying to better himself and work towards his future. Brandon was well respected and loved by so many agressive retaliation is inevitable sadly. I pray that all my friends and family still in the area will be safe. I love you guys..RIP Bruizer

  • Frank-

    Could you de-conflict something? Your report says Sammantha Salas attended Alhambra High School. However, the City of Monrovia “Rumor Control” page says that the person killed on Jan 26 on Peck Road attended Canyon HS in Monrovia.

    Are we missing something here?

  • FX

    The Monrovia Police and Duarte Sheriff need help from the Feds on these cases. The Feds need to assist with RICO indictments of all the gang members indirectly involved in all the shootings and murders. Just arresting one or two gang members is not enough to stop the Latino gangs. The Feds used RICO indictments against Florencia-13 gang members who were killing black in the Florence area of Los Angeles. Most Latino gangs are loyal to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, hence the number 13 in the gang name. (13th character ‘M’ of alphabet). The Mexican mafia has been using Latino street gangs to kill blacks in and out of prisons for a few years now.

    The words of a retired gang expert with the Los Angeles Sheriffs department.

  • Berta

    THe MAP Kick off is this Saturday at Fisher Park (Huntington Drive/California) Community Leaders will be there and so will plenty of police. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? DO YOU WANT TO VERBALIZE THAT WHICH YOU POST? MAKE IT HAPPEN AND BE THERE and a PART OF THE SOLUTION!

  • Anonymous

    The paper indicated extra patrol at the middle schools and high school, I at Santa Fe and 2 at the high school. Teachers were all outside though.

  • Thomas

    Where are the Black and Latino Men? Now is the time for the Men of Monrovia to stand up and reclaim their neighborhoods for their women and children: that applies to Black and Latino Men. It’s unbelievable that the citizens of Monrovia would allow a bunch of cowardly gang-members instill fear into their lives. This would never happen in North Monrovia, Arcadia, and San Marino. It’s time to grow a pair and make sure your schools, neighborhoods, and parks are safe.

  • Thomas

    If Blacks and Latinos are not going to raise their children responsibly, they can’t get mad when the Judicial System steps in and does it for them. If both camps don’t want to police their communities to make it safe for today and posterity, then they should step aside and let the police have full reign of their neighborhoods. It’s one or the other.

  • meme

    Just to let you people know Samantha was an Alhambra High Student. Editors please get the facts right.

    And about using the RICO for the mexican gang members remember it’s not only the mexicans who have the problem somthing needs to be done with both the black and mexican gangs. They are both killing innocent people. You are right about the RICO it can’t stop all the mexican gangs just like it will be impossible to stop the black gangs. Lets remember Black and Hispanic gangs both have large number of members everywhere. A woman made a comment about the home and getting rid of your thug kids and stop protecting them if you love them put them out there to work and not contribute to their thug life.
    One more point I also have to make is that I feel for all those families that lost a loved one but again lets stop protecting or pretending our kids are not thugs. If you hang with a gang your just as guilty as being from a gang. I guess what the media puts out there is bad also because I read that the young man killed Tuesday was or had ties with a gang. I guess that is why they really didn’t really say to much about him as to Samantha they confirmed she had no ties with a gang she was a child in my eyes still. No matter what all this killings need to stop. This is usually what happens when a young man wants a better life for himself and decides to take that better road it always ends up with the ones trying to better themselves that get the short end of life. Parents get a hold of your children out there no matter how old they are if you know they are out there killing people put them where they belong be hind bars stop protecting you children that are taking innocent lives. They need to stop being a coward and hiding. If you have the gutts to pull a triger then have the gutts to admit you did it don’t hide.

  • stix

    why is it that the black community always finds a reason to cry victim?? next week are we gonna see jesse jackson and al sharpton protesting?? its a gang war period..and just like in every war there are innocent casialties.monrovia has always had gang conflicts , be it mnv against esdr and esdr against drc, high end beefin with low its mnv fuedin with drc and thats it . its not racialy motivated, it just happens to be that one gang is mexican and the other one is black.and everybody is always talking about what goes on in prison is coming out here,you watch to much t.v. cause on the inside its not racial its political….in prison blacks and mexicans keep there distance but maintain a level of respect for one another.if something happens a war doesnt just pop off the politicians sit down and try to resolve the situation before it escalates.but every once in awhile for whatever reason somethin jumps off and all the bad blood is aired out and then each one goes back to thier respected position and program is back to mexican and have a lot of friends that are black. i see things and hear things from both sides and most of the shit is stupid, its always gonna be ” he started it,no he started it”. but it is what it is. i can get on here and tell you about how the blacks shot a girl i know in the left shoulder while holding her baby in the right shoulder. never mentioned in the paper though, or how the blacks shot an innocent mexican lady while she was house point is is that fucked up shit happens on both sides of the fields and it aint about one race being victimized more than the other its about our childrens childhoods being victimized,and as brave as you people are to get on the internet and complain ,you should use that energy and come together as “not a black or not as a mexican” but as a community and let your voices be heard. cause its not the mayor that lives on your street and its not the polices kids that play at your parks ,its your community.monrovia is a small city and everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows something, and if u know something and arent saying nothing then that makes you just as much of a coward.especially to those people that know something but have the feeling that they wont say nothing because the other race did this or did that then the cycle is just going to keep circulating.good luck..

  • Mid Monrovia

    Good for you stix. Especially true that our city leaders dont live on our streets, half of them attend private schools, they dont even send thier kids to the schools they stand for. (and I know that because I work at a private school and a few of our city leaders have thier kids there). I never see them at the library or the park, unless KGEM is filming for them. They dont attend public programs that they want us to send our kids to like YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and Summer Extravaganza. I live on a major street with all kind of trouble and I never see a police car, and especially I havent since all this started.
    By the way, thanks for the tip, my kids (who do attend the public schools) had early release day and I spent 20 min trying to get into a parking lot to pick them up (because no one wants their kids walking) then when they came home they could not play in the front yard LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO ON WEDNESDAYS. THis is my Monrovia.

  • Concerned Parent

    7:08 PM… sirens and helicopters are hitting Monrovia’s streets once more… is there anyone listening to the police radio scans to report what’s been dispatched? is this another incident?

  • Concerned Parent

    police activity is happening presently in Midtown Monrovia. Would anyone have an update?

    Perhaps we could have a special Current Incident Page so residents may bookmark and report on recent activity.

    it seems lately that sirens have been going off a couple hours after night fall…

    I was given to believe that the shooting incidents were in the “not incorporated” area of Monrovia, but with last night’s incident near Old Town, just a half a mile away from the Police Station and City Hall, it’s clearly the case that these thugs aren’t targeting the not-incorporated area due to lack of policing…

  • Anonymous

    San Marino and Arcadia have had gang problems over the years, more along the lines of organized crime. Asian gangs can be ruthless. Why do you think the Koreans were so heavily armed during the riots in 1992? They were ready to protect their property. Remember seeing all those Koreans on their rooftops with machine guns. We think we have rough lives…people disappear in Asian countries with no questions asked.

  • Jaime

    Was anyone talkin bout asia, no if you wanna take it that far, go to iraq were little kids walk around with bombs on them but we aint takin it there were talkin bout duarte, and monrovia, and azuza, your right arcadia, and san marino have there gang issues I was iggnorant to the fact but everyone does, half as bad as duroc crips… I dont think so because Ive lived here all my life and trust me its always gone on, but now its gettin the best of the city and the city is pist off because now its makin headlines, because when I was in highschool we heared the gunshots all the time, but no reports, no people are dieing now its a different story… police should have been on top of there shit

  • Concerned Monrovian

    It might be a good idea to help Monrovia’s leaders focus on the task at hand. Maybe we should ask; How many officers/deputies do you have patrolling our city during the day? How many during the night? How many in the north? How many in the south? How many are patrolling at any given time/having lunch at the same time/ available at a moment’s notice? How much, how often, where, for how long, when did you start, when will you end, how many arrests, how many leads? If they have arrested gang members responsible for creating such community havoc, then make use of the Public Records Act – Demand that they produce the adult arrestee’s information! Publish that photo! Shame the family into keeping their house clean. Please focus them on answering questions and hold them accountable for providing answers. They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant (spelling?)

  • Anonymous

    You’re correct that too much has gone unreported for a longtime. The new age of blogs has assisted with getting issues uncovered.