Quotes from around Monrovia

“I don’t want this to happen to any family. Politicians come on listen to us. This is an election year.” Jeanette Chavez, mother of Sammantha Salas.

“The retailiation and violence is impractical and immoral. The violence must stop.” Bishop William LaRue Dillard, 2nd Baptist Church Monrovia. “We are in a crisis in Monrovia.”

“We should pray for grace and wisdom. We need to promote a culture of life not a culture of death.” Father Charles Ramirez, Annunciation Parish, Monrovia.

“Law enforcement from the San Gabriel Valley has come together. Fifteen agencies are sending officers to assist us, but the problem will not be solved with law enforcement alone.”
Monrovia Police Chief Roger Johnson. “These are sociopaths they have no fear of their families their chruch — anybody.”



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