“Stop The Violence”

3384-stop the violence-thumb-300x308.jpgWillie Lee Jr. of Monrovia Calif. and Jeanette Chavez, of Alhambra, Calif. embrace Thursday behind a memorial for Lee’s son Brandon who was shot to death Tuesday night. Chavez’s daughter Sammantha Salas was also the victim of gang violence. Salas, 16, was shot to death Jan. 26 outside an apartment building also in Monrvia, Calif. Police said Chavez and Salas are victims of a gang war between black and Latino Gangs in Los Angeles County.


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  • monrovia pride

    meetings tonight at community center 4:30
    district office at 6 and another at 7 pm at Annunciation church @ Longden and Peck.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.
    Will these be the same meeting all 3 times or 3 different meetings with different speakers?

  • Monrovia Pride

    Monrovia Community Center 4:30 meeting open to Public, City manager arranged it apparently(?) per phone call placed to Community Center

    District Office Meeting at 6pm With Louise Taylor Cannot get confirmation if it is open or not.

    And again at 7pm at Annunciation Church Longden and Peck (less than one block away from recent shootings) Open

  • Berta

    Monrovia Pride, can you tell me if the police are aware of this meeting (for the obvious reasons)? Also is there another meeting today at Fishcher Park (spelling)

  • Monrovia Pride

    Cannot get confirmation of Fisher Park, transferred twice at MPD, with no luck.
    I know of the three meetings, and plan on going to all three.
    Life long 40 year old Monrovia resident and parent.

  • Anonymous

    It would be refreshing if the local governments took a hard line of “you’re either with us or against us” with the local terrorists and those who harbor them. Call in the state and federal authorities if needed. Operation clean sweep and start over.

  • Common Sense

    Has anyone asked the question whether Salas’s father is a big-wig within the local Mexican gangs? Any truth to the rumor that he has been less than cooperative.

    I think people will start finding these shootings aren’t as random as they seem.

  • monrovia pride

    If you want to know what meetings and where you can call City Hall, Community Center, MPD, and local School District. Ask if meetings are open to public attend if they are.
    Call Local gov’t leaders and activists, and Antonovitch.
    For the unencorporated area of Monrovia w/ population of 33,000 has one Unit (squad car) with two deputies.

  • Anonymous

    There will be an open meeting Monday, February 4th, 2008 at 6:30 PM. It will be held at Santa Fe Middle School 148 West Duarte Rd. This meeting will focus on strenghtening school safety efforts. For further info. call (626) 471-2010.

  • planning

    While we’re at it, we should do some more rezoning and get rid of all the liquor stores. Albertsons, Pavilions and Ralphs are fully stocked for legite buyers. These liquor stores are an eye-sore and attract the wrong clientele.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked liquor is legal. Besides how many times has gang bangers hung around a liquor store? Not too many, they will hang at a park or someones house. The clientele they attract while not impressionable is homeless and unfortuntaly we cant combat that situation as a nation

  • Berta

    There is something so POWERFUL when folks COME TOGETHER, especially in prayer! I’m not religious but I know that when all else fails it’s in the SILENCE & the prayers that new energy is restored. In any case people gathered & prayed for the lives lost through death and those who continue to live with seemingly lifeless souls….

    These folks gathered in prayer with a mission that goes beyond that gathering…Monrovia and its surroundings will blossom again….in time… It’s always been my experience that the adversities that have come in and out of my life have always revealed its purpose sometime down the road, always offering the sunshine that was not clear during the tribulation…..

  • FX

    Why not create a blog on http://www.blogger.com/tour_start.g, it is free and is much better format than this blog. You can just link from this websire to a new blog. I enjoy reading you blog but the visual quality of this blog is ………..sad.


    I wonder if the new gang task force will be investigating the ties of latino prison gangs to these killing in Monrovia. The sureno gangs which are loyal to the mexican mafia have been tageting blacks all over Calif. for many years. The latino gang problem is all over Calif., and is also showing up in Monrovia. The mexican mafia uses street gangs like it’s foot soldiers on the streets. The police are not educationg the public about the problem this has become here in Calif. It seems Frank Girardot is just learning about this and reporting on this problem. I would not be surprised if the guns being used in the Monrovia shootings have connections to many other gang shooting in surrounding areas.

  • monrovia pride

    Please go to myspace and facebook and do a little research…you will find MHS students and football players with clear gang involvement, bragging about retaliation promises made ONLINE about recent shootings, complete with pictures flashing gang signs ON CAMPUS. Right now, in Monrovia, there are people who know what is about to go down and where. This is not over, call the anonymous hotline and get help. Do not wait for any information anywhere, go find it and speak up…a “flyer” telling you about meetings and recent activity will NOT be sent to your home. No phone calls to enlighten you are coming. GET THE INFORMATION AND CALL, USE IT. Call Mayor, call Antonovitch. DO something, now today. And hug your children. Know what they do.

  • monrovia pride

    Deputies and Police can only send out the patrols they can pay for…they are frustrated too, and do not work for free. They risk their lives, and they are aware that one squad car for the Unincorporated area is not enough. They do not control the money, your local gov’t and elected officials do.
    Our school teachers work hard and SEE our children everyday. Support them.
    Talk to neighbors write letters make calls.
    This is not new. This is not over. More is coming. Anger and outrage do us no good and fear freezes us. Use what you have to be calm and logical, and make solutions heard understanding that complaining is only noise to them…demand action and suggest and make yourself present to HELP. You are Monrovians and have a voice.
    Your voice can be heard when you speak to those who control the money and want the votes.

  • Anonymous

    I agree CONTROL THE VOSTES AND CONTROL THE MONEY: Remember these days when it is time to elect your next CITY COUNCIL!