Rumor Control from Monrovia contains slight error

This comes from the Monrovia City Rumor Control Web page: Except it contains an error or two:



A 16-year-old was wounded in a driveby shooting in County territory on Sunday, January 13. The shooting was in front of his home on Peck Road, not at a school.

A Canyon High School student was killed and another teen wounded in another shooting incident January 26, also on Peck Road.

A suspect has been arrested in the Jan. 13 shooting. Monrovia Police have also arrested two gang members as suspects in a shooting that took place on Cypress Avenue.

Investigations are continuing and arrests are being made as the recent flare-up of gang violence continues throughout the region.

Crime Scene responds.

When he was shot on Jan. 13, Day Day was bicycling just outside the grounds of Calvary Church and within a block or two of the Catholic School. CLARIFIED 13:25:52 1-30-08

Sammantha Salas, who was killed on Jan. 26,  attended Alhambra High School as was reported here yesterday and confirmed by district officials there. No arrest has been made in the shooting of Salas.

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Activity in Monrovia

Were seeing (and hearing about) lots of increased police presence at the high schools and middle schools in Monrovia this morning.
Police units are patrolling the areas as a precautionary measure and in response to increased gang violence over the last several days, according to officials.
A Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department patrol car was also parked in front of neighboring Duarte High School just after 8 a.m. today.

No new information yet on the most recent gang-related slaying.
It happened Tuesday night when a 19-year-old black man was shot while standing on the sidewalk in the 500 block of Almond Avenue just before 8 p.m.
The shooters have been described as Latino males.

I swung by the crime scene before 7 a.m. today, but all remnants of what had happened were gone. No vigils and nothing left behind by police.
It was a little early to be knocking on neighbors doors, but one man I spotted standing outside said his sister heard the shots Tuesday night.

Word is this is likely retaliation for 16-year-old Samantha Salas shooting death on Saturday night.
Were still trying to get more information on the 19-year-old. He died after being transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.
A call to the coroners office early this morning found that his body had not yet been picked up from the hospital.
They expected to retrieve him morning by late morning.

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Early morning crime round-up

A couple of crime-related incidents being investigated right now in the SGV:

First, El Monte police are looking for a woman who went missing Tuesday morning under suspicious circumstances.
Apparently, the womans husband found their home ransacked and his wife gone about 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.
Read more here.

And in Rowland Heights, LA County Sheriffs detectives are investigating a man who was found dead in the 18100 block of Los Palacios Drive home about 5:30 a.m.
Authorities are still out at the scene and the body has not been picked up by the coroners office so  we dont have much more information right now.
The man is only described as an adult Hispanic.


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Alert! New killing in Monrovia

City News is reporting a new shooting in Monrovia in the 500 block of Almond Avenue occurred at 7:51 p.m. according to Sheriff’s deputies. The victim, a man, died in a local hospital. Sheriff’s homicide and Monrovia PD are investigating..


This occurred while the investigation at Mr. Rollins’ house was taking place reporter and photog are en route although there may not be much left at the scene.


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Monrovia update

8:33 p.m.

1234 Sherman in Monrovia. Police are inside the house where Mr. Rollins was shot. They have brought along a gun-sniffing dog as part of their investigation. One police spokesman told reporter Brian Day they the investigation is connected to a Jan 14th shooting, in which no one was hurt.

As our photog was taking pictures of the scene, police closed the blinds on the front windows so that no pictures could be taken of the investigation taking place inside.


8 p.m. update

Police have surrounded a neighborhood near Huntington and California as part of their effort to stop the violence in Monrovia. A helicopter has been circling the area. We have a reporter and photographer on scene. The neioghborhood is near where Mr. Rollins was shot.

2:51 p.m. Conversation with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca from Hector Gonzales.

He’s concerned about this spreading into the innocent population a task force in place.

“This is going way over the line now” Baca said while using words like “savage” to describe the current state of affairs.

Baca also said Day Day was intentionally targeted because he was NOT a gang banger




The City Manager has issued a report on gang violence:

Here’s an Excerpt: And a link

Over the last several days, I have received a handful of emails and comments from folks who believe that the current rash of gang violence is really a race war. In one email, a person sent me a number of news clippings detailing hostilities between Latino and African-American gangs as evidence that this is all about race, as opposed to criminals committing criminal acts. Although the topic of race is always very sensitive, I believe that we must be able to speak rationally, intelligently and carefully about such complex issues; to quote Confucius, The beginning of Wisdom is to call things by their right names.
I responded to the email stating that the mere fact that each of the articles that were cited focused on gang violence, trends in gang violence, demographic shifts that can contribute to gang violence, etc., that the sender had actually proved my point that the issue here is not race; its gang violence. The racial/ethnic identity of the gang members gives the story racial overtones, to be sure. And tension is certainly not uncommon when one group supplants another in a given area or neighborhood this has been witnessed time and again over hundreds of years throughout the history of cities and towns.
But this tension, in 2008 and here in Monrovia, does not extend so far as to cause a spontaneous combustion of hatred and bigotry.

UPDATE: 1:38 P.M.

Caroline An reports that Alhambra High School officials were reluctant to acknowledge Samantha Salas was a student there. What was interesting about the conversation and illuminating about the bureaucracy that runs our schools, the official was willing to discuss the fact that grief conselors were on campus today. He just wouldn’t say why they were there and wouldn’t discuss Salas.


UPDATE: 12:53 P.M.


MAP of Monrovia shooting locations posted below.

Additionally we have a page devoted to coverage of the crime wave at

UPDATE 11:40 A.M.  This from PSN City Editor Hecttor Gonzalez:

looks like cops are out there in force hunting for evidence, including digging that stray bullet out of the wall of that one apartment (geez!), re-interviewing possible witnesses, ect. — but how knows why they had to shut down the entire area around the building to do this. could be a show of force



Some interesting notes that we will be developing throughout the day:

1. There some belief that Jose Garcia, the convicted killer of Deputy David March apparently lived in the apartment complex where Sammantha Salas was shot. It makes sense as it is only a short drive between there and the spot on Live Oak where March was murdered.

2. Who owns the apartment complex? What is their relationship with local authorities?

3. According to Rob Hammond, meetings between Monrovia officials, Duarte officials, police and sheriff’s department and the school districts took place yesterday. What happened?

4. The condition of Sammantha Salas friend who was also shot Saturday night.

5. Your continued thoughts on the state of affairs and the ongoing racially motivated gang war in Monrovia.

By the Way I plan to keep this at the top of the page today so that commenting here will be easy for new readers




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West Covina murder goes unreported

A letter writer informs us that a man was shot in the face at his home in West Covina on Bromley Street. The shooting occurred Jan. 23, the man died yesterday. The shooter is apparently in custody.

West Covina Police Department spokespeople forgot to mention this to us. But we found out anyway.

A lieutenant said he didn’t know the details but would have someone get back to me.

update 8:20 p.m. 1/29/08

A police spokesman talked to reporter Brian Day and we’ll have complete details on the web and in tomorrow’s paper.


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Suspicious death investigation

ROWLAND HEIGHTS – Detectives are investigating the death of a 9-year-old girl at a local hospital today.
The girl whose name was not released was apparently brought to the unidentified hospital from the 18400 block of Vidora Drive early this morning, then died shortly after.

Detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Homicide Bureau are investigating. Check back for an update.

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Tuesday’s column

The lack of street lights along this stretch of Peck Road stands out.
The graffiti on the sidewalk is fresher than the coat of paint on the apartment building in the 2500 block where Sammantha Salas, 16, was shot to death Saturday night.
Inside the 47-unit building, Salas father recalled the short life of his daughter, a straight-A student and Dodgers fan, who loved to draw and spend time with her family.
Tears in his eyes, Samuel Salas recalled the endless wait for paramedics and police as he fell to the sidewalk and held Sammantha as she drew her last breath.
My daughter didnt deserve this, he told reporter Molly R. Okeon.
An unidentified friend of Salas who was also shot remained in a coma Monday at an undisclosed hospital.
Both Salas and her friend were the latest victims in a gang war thats taking on racial overtones, police say.
Salas, a Latina, was targeted by two black men or teens. At least one detective told Okeon that the killing was payback for the killing of Sanders Pete Rollins, 64, a black man who was killed yards from the front door of his home on Sherman Avenue. The suspects in that case were described as Latinos.
While Monrovia and nearby Duarte are experiencing the latest manifestation of a racially motivated gang war, its been going on in California for some time.
Doo Kim, who has worked at a dairy just down the street for 23 years, said hes heard gunfire in the neighborhood before. But never like the machine guns that cut through the still night air Saturday.
Blam, blam, blam, blam, Kim said. I had a customer who was so scared he got out of his car and we ducked down behind the counter until the police came.
In his book The Mexican Mafia, author Tony Rafael said that much of the recent violence is an extension of whats occurring in Californias prison system. And he claims it has been under-reported.
Civilian casualties like Salas or Rollins are nothing more than collateral damage to the shot-callers in Pelican Bay and San Quentin, according to Rafael.
While police have agreed with that assessment, Monrovia Mayor Rob Hammond wasnt ready to blame racial violence for the killings.
That may be an oversimplification, he said.
He did agree that diligent police work in Monrovia and the county area just south of the city will be needed to stop the violence.
There is not a good neighborhood for this to happen, Hammond said Monday. It affects us all.
In the run-up to Feb. 5, presidential candidates from both parties will be touring the Golden State in search of delegates who will support them at their respective conventions.
Some will likely stand under statuesque palm trees near beaches and talk about the effects of global warming. Others will probably visit celebrity villas in Bel Air or Malibu to collect campaign cash and discuss the need for health care reform.
Some might stand in the shadows of snow-capped mountains of Californias inland and talk about the mortgage crisis.
Very few if any will come to this pock-marked stretch of no mans land, where telephone poles outnumber the palm trees and innocent teenagers get gunned down on a rainy night.
Welcome to the real California.
There are no endless summers here, just a girl named Sammantha who will be 16 forever.


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Arcadia shooting possible domestic incident

Crime Scene has had several requests for information on this incident. Here’s what we are reporting in tomorrow’s paper. I’m sorry I don’t know much more than these few details.

ARCADIA A 32-year-old woman was in critical condition Monday after her estranged husband allegedly shot her multiple times Sunday night, officials said.
Peter Chang, 58, reportedly came to the womans home on Bonita Street, where they began fighting. Chang reportedly shot the woman several times and fled at around 10:20 p.m., according to Sgt. Tom Cullen of the Arcadia Police Department.
Chang was later arrested by Long Beach police and transferred to Arcadia, where he was being held without bail, Cullen said.
The Arcadia woman was on life support at Huntington Memorial Hospital.
Detectives were investigating what caused the altercation.

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