Monrovia news of the moment

Reports of shots fired crackled across the scanner this morning in the news room. Word has it Arcadia and Monrovia are investigating an incident on Colorado…Details to come

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  • frazgo

    Can you get us more details? Colorado and what? MHS is on Colorado only a few blocks west of the Arcadia/Monrovia limits.

    I’m more than a little worried. I have 2 kids there.

  • frazgo

    Crap…the school is EAST of the two city limits. You get the concern.

  • frazgo

    City Rumor Control has posted that the shooting took place in Arcadia. 2 men involved but little else.

  • Frank Girardot

    Here’s what Dick Singer wrote:
    Rumor: There was another shooting in Monrovia this morning (Feb. 1)

    Fact: There was a shooting in neighboring Arcadia. Both the victim and the suspect were identified as Hispanic males. No other information was available early today.

    Rumor: 1) There was a driveby shooting this afternoon (Jan. 31) at the corner of Huntington and California. 2) There were gunshots fired at Julian Fisher Park this afternoon.

    Fact: There was no shooting at California and Huntington — or anywhere else in town this afternoon. There were no gunshots at Julian Fisher Park. There was an apparent “road rage” incident involving two cars near Shamrock and Olive — in the vicinity of the park — that drew a police response. It did not involve a gun.

    Rumor: The City Council held a meeting on recent gang violence Wednesday night, Jan. 30, and it was never noticed, in violation of the Brown Act. The press was denied access.

    Fact: There was no meeting of the City Council. There was a meeting at the Community Center for MAP Area 1 “point of contact” homeowners to discuss the violence and seek ideas and comments. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem were present to listen. The Brown Act did not apply. More than 70 people were there and the discussion went on for more than two hours. A reporter and a photographer from the Pasadena Star-News were there, although they arrived well after the meeting had begun – the photographer about 30 minutes into the meeting, the reporter 45 minutes later. They were asked to not take photos of speakers or publish their names so that people would feel free to speak openly and candidly without fear of public exposure. The photographer shot photos of speakers anyway. One participant said he was intimiated by the photography and would not be speaking. Nonetheless, the press was there, taking notes and photos until the meeting adjourned.
    Arcadia is refusing to discuss the incident. We can’t confirm that the intended target or the suspected shooter were in fact hispanic. We don’t know where Mr. Singer gets his info. The use of the word “victim” implies someone was shot.

  • MonroviaMan


    You’re a REPUTABLE JOURNALIST at a paper that has done an admirable job covering this crisis. Please do not ever again reprint the spin and obfuscation of SLICKY DICKY SINGER and the Ministry of Truth.

    This is the guy who couldn’t get the girls’ school right – FOUR DAY’S AFTER HER KILLING.

    This is the guy who tossed your photographer out of a COMMUNITY MEETING.

    HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED! The City of Monrovia has been lying about the danger in this city for weeks. AND HE IS THE MOUTH!

  • Local Boy

    With whatever limitations are foisted on him maybe Tom could post on what happened in Arcadia.

    Local boy

  • Tom

    Frank beat me to it…off today so I’m a little behind the curve.

  • Mid Monrovia

    I usually don’t blast someone, but come on, Dick Singer, do you think the residents of Monrovia are that naive, do you feel you are above US… I am an eduacated women, I chose to raise my children here, because I WANTED them to experience public school, I chose Monrovia for all things it offers. Always remember WE chose Monrovia, you did not choose us.
    You can not lie to me. Perhaps, the people that might believe you and shake your hand are your neighbhors or speak another language. If there was a victim, there was an incident, if cassings were found, there were shots fired. 100 block of Colorodo is a stones throw from MHS. Do you not think us in MIDMONROVIA are paying attention? I care about what is happening down on Peck Rd because some of those kids are friends, I REALLY care what happens above Huntington becuase this IS my neighborhood!
    To excuse another incident and call it road rage.. Was a statement taken by both drivers, can you publish that? Do you think we believe road rage?
    And a gathering of city council for purpose of city business is all residents business therefore if could not be posted should have been fully covered. Journalist know not to use citizins names and the rules around that we don’t need you to tell US the law.

  • Mid Monrovia

    I noticed on another post that Dick Singer corrected Frank on the MAP meeting tomorrow, notice all the hush hush on yesterdays meeting but tell the world about the MAP thing tomorrow so the news can come out and say “AHH Monrovia’s leaders come out and have fun with the children and talk to families” There of course will be some photo ops, the council, the Mayor looking into a child’s face, putting an arm around a hispanic or an AA. Can we all be fooled or just a few of us?

  • Anonymous

    yeah frank is lieng road rage come on from what i heard a african american gang memeber was chasinga latino gangmember