On the lighter side


At our sister paper, the Daily Bulletin, David Allen put together a nice column and several blog entries on things that once were, but aren’t now, in the Pomona Valley.

It got me thinking about things that dont’ exist any longer in the SGV, and I couldn’t come up with a huge list, but there has to be several right?

I’ll start my list with the Boat….

13 thoughts on “On the lighter side

  1. Alhambra Airport, Crawfords Corner, Montgomery Ward, Fedco,Street Cars (although the right of ways still exist in some places), Wardy surfboard shop, The “old” Icehouse, Hollywood Sporting Goods, Holiday House, Alta Sports, Free Press bookstore, Bushnell parking lot sales, hang gliders landing behind PHS, Helm’s Bakery trucks, I could go on but…..

  2. Keep going Steve…some of those bring back some good memories…Panchito’s Jr, Bob’s Beef Burger, 4th of July at the County Park… And what happened to the boat being relocated?

  3. what happened to the boat? i know there’s a kohls there now…bought out? or business disappeared.

  4. Stanley from The Eleven Oaks in his cowboy get-up, The Wienie Wizard, Swiss Park and the “Real” Monrovia Day’s Carnival stopped due to what reason?


    Local Boy

  5. On Azusa Ave, The Royal Coachmen Restaurant. Millers Outpost, Zody’s and White Front. Fox Theatre, Nogle’s fastfood. Peanut Factory for cheap drinks. The Crushed
    Grape on Garvey, Victoria Station on Restaurant Row. The Huddle bar and restaurant @ eastland that turned into a sporting good store.

  6. The boat is coming back! They are putting it just south of the Kohl’s on Rosemead. In the meantime they are serving the menu in the Northwoods Inn. More misses: A&W … Bob’s Big Boy … cruising Colorado… Hinshaw’s… learning to drive in the big empty Santa Anita race track parking lot with my dad …

  7. Farrell’s ice cream parlour on Rosemead, Fedco on Colorado, Gemco on San Gabriel, Zody’s on Valley, The Baked Potato on Colorado and an electronics store that used to be on Rosemead & Longden…I think the name was Fredrick or something like that.

  8. coffee dan’s, scoa, wallach’s music city, clifton’s, “the head shop” on service ave. all is wc

  9. I miss Sandy’s in Alhambra? San Gabriel? Not sure, but I loved their breakfasts. Also, Zio’s Pizza in Glendora. How about Chicken Delight? I remember how the take out containers were two paper plates stapled together.

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