Flash (player) Friday

My friend Dean Norris, plays a DEA agent in the AMC television series “Breaking Bad.” I ‘m pretty sure it runs Sunday nights.

The show’s about a high school chem teacher who learns he has terminal cancer and decides to leave a legacy behind for his family by manufacturing and selling methamphetamine.

Brian Cranston, the dad from “Malcom in the Middle” stars in the show, you’ve probably seen ads with him standing in the middle of the desert wearing only briefs (not boxers.)

Anyway, Dean sent me this video, that’s sort of an outtake from the show. I promised to share it here.

A few months ago I posted YouTube version of the same video, but AMC pulled it before it got too widely viewed. So we’ve finally got it back.



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  • usagain

    this tv program is sure to complicate the simplistic ethic held by at least some commentors on this site.

  • Anonymous

    The video is hilarious, but I’ve seen the promo’s and have to admit that I find it disturbing that they’re making a show about a guy who decides to make money by manufacturing drugs.

  • Local Boy

    Knowing nothing about the show my only comment would be, based on what Frank wrote about the show, is that anyone who…”decides to leave a legacy behind for his family by manufacturing and selling methamphetamine” is leaving a legacy nobody in their right mind should want to claim.

    Regardless of ones situation in life this is criminal and reprehensible conduct. For a teacher to do this whose product made end up in the hands of some of his students is shameful. That Hollywood would produce such trash is nothing new.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise has no morals or character.

    Hope that was simple enough to understand.

    Local Boy