Desert Sky

  Suspected killer Aaron Raigoza holed up at the Desert Sky Motel and RV park in Yucca Valley. He was captured Thursday and appeared in court Friday to face murder charges. No bail in the case. Apparently Raigoza had written letters to his in-laws after the killing of Ana Acosta, his former wife. Family members described the letters to Tania Chatila. In the letters Aaron apparently said he was sorry he had hurt the family.

Here’s what Tania wrote after learning about the letters:

I had a conversation Laura Avina today, the sister of Ana Maria Acosta, who was murdered in front of her parents Monterey Park on Feb. 4.

Avina told me that two days after Acostas death, her family received two letters in the mail allegedly from Aaron Raigoza Acostas estranged husband and a suspect in her death.

The letters were postmarked on Feb. 5, the day after Acosta was shot, according to Avina.

Avina claims one letter was specifically addressed to Acostas mother and the other letter was penned for the rest of the family. She said Raigoza confessed to the murder in both letters, allegedly saying he was sorry for killing Acosta but that “she deserved it.”


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  • deserved it… him too

    Can someone give THIS letter to the killer:

    Even thou you a nice guy and a good teacher and all, I guess you deserve the death penalty too for murdering someone in cold blood…

    Have a nice lifer behind bars, and I hope you like beef.. caus all you gonna get in prison is some daily dose of tubesteak from your cell mates, because looking at your picture in the papers, you wenr’t that bad looking, so they’s defanitely gonna get some nice fresh meat in county lockup… (Muah – that’s a kiss for you, killer)