Media separation at Blair …

This from Brian Day:

I guess this is what the Pasadena PD was trying to prevent by separating the media from the parents:

Christina Anderson, who is the mother of a student, told KCAL9 her sense of security was


“Im upset, Im terrified, rather,” she said. “You think youre sending your kids to school. I

sent him to this school instead of another school in my area thinking this school was a much

better school and then this happens.”

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4 thoughts on “Media separation at Blair …

  1. I have been a Blair parent for 4 years. My daughter is now a sophomore. Although I did leave work early to go wait for my daughter, I was never worried. I knew Mr. Boccia had everything under control. I understand parents being scared, but if they attended parent meetings the last couple months, they would have known that Mr. Boccia had a plan if anything ever happened at the school. Blair is definitely still a great school.

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