Lucha Libre Bandit

Cops and FBI haven’t named this guy yet, they dont’ even say these two robberies are related…BUT they sure look alike (and there’s a pump action shot gun in both pics)

Anyway the consensus in the newsroom is that this guy should be called the Lucha Libre Bandit…we’ll stick with it.


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  • Why not just El Bandito?

  • English

    Umm,just curious,is this a spanish paper or english paper?I am a calif native/english only education.What is the Lucha Libre moniker?

  • Fed-Up

    Frank;No speaka spanish

  • frazgo

    Those look like Darth Mal masks the dude is wearing. Just saying…”trekkie bandito” could work too.

  • Ray

    Good work guys!, did you share this with police?. Fyi:
    Those mexican wrestler masks can be bought on the internet for $20.00.
    Question: How on earth can those two guys park in lot, walk in to bank, in those get-ups, carrying shotguns and no notices?.
    Question #2; What’s new with the “Bluetooth” bank robber, 6′-5″, 250lbs that no pays attention either?

  • RR

    The Cathay bank parking lot is right next to the door and there is no entrance distance. The Chinese banks in the area don’t have the plastic walls that protect the teller that the BofA on Nogales does for example.

  • Ray

    How about the 1st Bank in Rowland Hts?. Any idea what security steps ‘Chinese’ banks have to protect clients & tellers?
    Good follow-up on “Bluetooth” bandit…. what a moron.

  • AP

    Well, there’s a lot of out of work luchadors in the area after that guy who owned Wings Realty (who was running a local lucha promotion on the side) got caught swindling people.

  • RR

    East West Bank has security guard outside as does another. My guess is Chinese banks rely on one security guard for protection. I think Cathay also does, but it’s been a while since I was there. My family has not used 1st Bank. B of A on Nogales has become a fortress after some previous bank robberies. They made the parking lot one way, blocked an exit for cars, and added the plastic walls for the tellers. My guess is Chinese banks are in such a competitive environment they have lots of locations and want to look as friendly as possible.

  • Ray

    Good information. I wonder what the other 3,900 bank in Calif. do to protect their clients except take great photos of bank terrorists after the fact.
    I pity the customer & teller victims.