Tagger assault (part 2)


The man who was stabbed after confronting taggers in Whittier Tuesday afternoon was taken to a local hospital. His condition remains unknown.

Police are saying the man was driving in a black Mustang when rolled up on taggers in the 11700 block of Broadway. He was stabbed with a boxcutter by a man wearing a shirt with the initials RIP. No one is in custody.

After being stabbed the man rolled out of his car and lay on the ground until help arrived.

This photo by freelancer James Carbone will run in tomorrow’s Whittier Daily News


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  • Berta

    “Taggers” were once considered “lite-weight” at least that’s what I thought. NO MORE. You just have to STOP and THINK B4 you put yourself in harms way..use the cell, snap a pic, get the heck out! Sometimes we react without thinking..with good intentions. I hope this guy is o.k. Box cutter…looks like that would be more ‘slashes’ than ‘stabs’.