Man sues blog

(sort of like man bites dog)

A Murrieta man is suing a blog he claims is defamatory. I took a five-second peek at the blog, not much to write home about. In my opinion the plaintiff would have been better off ignoring it. Here’s a portion of an article from John Hall at the NCTimes:

MURRIETA —- Saying that comments posted on a local blog have defamed him, a Murrieta man filed a civil lawsuit Thursday in what his attorney calls “a novel legal issue.”

Roy Holmgren claims in his lawsuit that statements made about him on have exposed him to “hatred, ridicule, contempt and disgrace.”

Holmgren is suing the operator of the blog as well as those who have posted the comments about him.

But, so far, neither he nor his attorney, Richard Ackerman, know who specifically they are suing.

“… the defendants hide behind the veil of the Internet to cover up their nefarious and tortious activities,” the lawsuit states.

Ackerman said Thursday that he has tried to find out who runs the blog from the host of the site,, but they have yet to cooperate.

“Whoever they are, they don’t have the right to publish defamatory material,” Ackerman said.

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  • 5th estate

    Virginia Hoge is right!

  • frazgo

    I find it interesting that people constantly want to limit freedom of speech, independant thought and expressing an opinion.

    Has anyone else noted that the more divided the extremes of conservative and liberal become the more calls for censorship are heard? These suits are nothing more than trying silence a different point of view.

  • Tom

    With any “new” form of media and communication I think there has classically always been attempts to control or censor. Until more people use this style and understand it, it won’t be readily accepted as a mainstream norm.

  • Herbie

    I think Frank Giradot is a poo-poo head, so there !!!!

  • When former candidate for mayor, Aaron Proctor, (whose site is linked to on this blog) posted this defamatory post about me – which included ugly graphic sexual slander – the Pasadena blogging community was completely silent.

    I think we have lost the ability to see “hate”. I mean, if this post isn’t hate, what is? Does the right to “Free Speech” cover…this?

    No, I do not think it does.

    The weird thing was, what made Proctor so angry was my writing about my research on Rene Amy. I hadn’t even mentioned Proctor, yet he reacted to it like he himself had been “stung”.


  • Now I have received hate-mail from Aaron Proctor:

    He is harassing me, the question remains, Why?

    I have also noticed he is also harassing all of our local left-leaning politicians in town (like Syd Tyler and Steve Madison) on his blog.


  • 5th Estate

    Ginny Ginny Ginny, You started it. You Accused AP of writing posts he didn’t and then never retracted and thus pissed off a lot of Blogadena. You can’t paint yourself as the victim when your original actions were so contemptuous, didn’t your “blogging friend” warn you?

  • AP

    This is all so awesome. Is it Christmas?

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