A post on the death of Ondrea Alvarez last week in a suspected incident of drunken driving has been a take off point for a discussion between Ondrea’s mom and various other interested commenters. Ondrea’s funeral was yesterday. Here’s Ondrea’s picture.

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  • esther


  • Ondrea’s big sister

    isn’t she Beautiful


    “An Angel in Heaven”

  • Ondrea’s Mother – Robin

    There is a guest book for her at http://www.legacy.com for all who wish to sign it.

    She is so very beautiful and loved by all. A friend of mine told me today that “it was like no matter who she came in contact with, anyone at all, she would touch your life, like there was something so very special about her” Her Sunshine that she blessed everyone with. At her services it was said that “God misplaced an angle for 20 years.” This is so very true.

  • Jan Williams

    I’m sorry Robin, terribly sorry that you have to walk this road. I lost my son and grandsons to murder last August and so I know how hard it is to cope with even day to day living after losing a child. It is especially hard to have to wait and wait and wait for answers and know that those answers might never come. And even if they do, none of those answers will be good enough. Not for our children, who deserved a long full life. I grieve with you.

  • Jennifer Alvarez

    please share what you know, my baby sister is gone, we will never see her again. so i ask of you…(beg of you) if you know anything about that night (March 2nd) share the truth… my family just wants to know what happened to my poor baby sister. that with the truth we can find closure.

    you can even e-mail me directly if you choose at jenalvarez1986@yahoo.com

    please do the right thing.

  • Jennifer Alvarez

    When I first heard the news about my baby sisterotherwise known as Jose-Man-Quite-Chung-Lee or Fina I thought about the future and how shell never go on that Europe trip she was planning, never finish her many unfinished art projects, (my mom always said she would be famous for her unfinished work) never get to be my bridesmaid, or an aunt who would teach my kids all the bad things. (And all you who have kids know what I am talking about) I also think how she will just never physically be there for me anymore when I need her the most.

    Then I think.how selfish am I? Why am I looking to the future? I need to cherish my memories, the past, the good times, not dream up a future that can never be.

    So when I think of Ondrea I will remember her great soul, her wonderful smile, and all her goofy ways.

    Speaking of her goofy ways Ondrea always said You know what; we have all these fancy dresses from school dances that we dont wear anymore I was thinking that we should get all dressed up in them and go to the movies, blowing, or miniature golfing. Ondrea was not a normal person so she would want to wear these gowns anywhere you wouldnt typically wear them. Thats why a handful of us wore them to her services, it is defiantly not a typically place and I know she would get a kick out of it.

    I have so many memories of good times and bad, and to be honest I will probably miss the bad times the most. The fighting, the hitting, the yelling, and the stealing of one anothers belongings like my earrings I bought. I never got to wear them. She took them three years ago. Every time I would see them on her she would casually take them off and say What earrings? I am not sure I know what you are talking about. She never gave them back to me, and to tell something funny she still hasnt given them back, she left them at Nicks house. She still wins even now.

    But I wont share all my memories because we would be here for 20 years, so I will share my last two with her, the ones I will cherish the to the end.

    The Saturday night before, she was at home with Kelly, she really really wanted me to Kelly this story, (the story doesnt matter its that after part that does) so anyway Ondrea passed out in the position of sitting in a chair. So I thought that I would be a good big sister and lay her on the couch and cover her with a blanket. Only she wrapped her arms tightly around me and said with her sweet soft voice No, take me to bed. I just laughed at her and told her how selfish she was being. Again in her soft sweet voice she says Well. Can you help me to my bed then? then I really laughed at her and walked away. This memory I have I will cherish foreverit was the last time I held my sister and I will never forget.

    Anyway this is the last memory I have of my sister and I want to share it will everyone. The Sunday morning before, she wanted to finish painting her bathroom, she was in such a good mood. She turned her music really loud and woke me up. I was so mad, I came staggering thought the hallway to yell at her that she woke me up, to Garth brooks no less. I am very glad that we didnt fight we just laughed and joked about it. I asked her Next time can you wake me up to something else I dont feel like waking up to the thunder rolls. We both then told one another we would see each other later.

    .So OnzieI guess later is in heaven. And even though my family is no longer complete with out you by our side. You will live on with us forever. I want to thank you for giving me 20 years of you.

    I will miss you always and love you forever.

    Bye baby sister.

  • Ondrea’s big sister – Jennifer Alvarez

    Today has been one month since I last saw my baby sister. One month since God called her home to him. I miss her terribly in the physically sense but I know in my heart that she is with me spiritually. Its still hard to say see passed or I will never see her again. Its hard to say I am dealing with this tragic event or even moving on (even though I know she would want me to) because truth be told Im not. I cant. I dont even know what happened to her. I cant close a book without finishing it and her book is missing chapters. Even though I know I will never be the same person or even fully recover I know it will make it easier to find those chapters and know what they say.

    I am one of three sisters, the oldest. I feel all three of us are a third of a person and all together we make a whole, the Alvarez girls. With one of my baby sisters gone we no longer make a whole and I will always feel there is a piece of me missing. This is why I know that I will never be the same person. And when God is ready he will call us one by one so we can become whole again in his arms.

    I had a memory come back to me today and I would like to share it so everyone who doesnt know Ondrea or didnt know enough can enjoy her

    I remember when I used to pull up in the driveway next to her… I would be coming home off work and she would be leaving to work? Well today I pulled up next to her car and remembered when that song “Hey their Delilah” came out and she was so head-over-heels with it she had to have it. So when she finally got the CD she would blast the music really loud, sing to the top of her lungs and move her body around as if she were singing in the steering wheel. Then she would see me, but she wouldn’t stop making a fool of herself she would just roll her window down and start singing it at me. I remembered this memory today and I will forever have that song stuck in my head.

    I love you baby sister and by now I’m sure the angel’s are tired of you drawing them while they sleep. I know I hated it but at least I know what I look like when I am sleeping. I love you!!!!!

  • Ondrea’s Big sister – Jennifer Alvarez

    Search your Heart.

    Do the Right thing….

    Come forward.

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