Attempted child abductions linked


This guy is suspected by the Baldwin Park police in three separate attacks on young girls walking near schools, police said Thursday.

The man described as Hispanic in his 40s is described as 5-feet 8-inches tall.

He was seen wearing a long-sleeved red plaid shirt and blue jeans torn at the knees.

The alleged crimes took place between Feb. 7 and March 3, officials said.

In the first incident, the suspect followed a 12-year-old boy walking home from school in the 14200 block of Merced. The incident occurred about noon on Feb. 7

A second incident was reported on March 3, about 7:52 a.m. in the 4700 block of Larry Avenue. The suspect was hiding behind a parked van and jumped out at a 12-year-old who bit him and fled.

The final incident occurred on March 3 about 11:50 a.m. in the 13400 block of Dalewood. A 16-year-old female was assaulted by a man who jumped out from between two parked vehicles. The victim apparently stabbed the man with a ball point pen and helped put the composite together.


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  • Horton Hears

    My family received an automated message today regarding an attempted child abduction that occurred at Olive Park yesterday, March 13, shortly after Monroe Elementary school let out.

    Principal Janetzke mentioned that there is a web site available for more information, which may include a police artist’s sketch, but I was not able to write down the URL in time, so if anyone would have more information on the matter, would you please post?

    Quite interestingly, I parked my car at Olive Park around the time of the attempted abduction… Monroe Elementary doesn’t have parking, and I was to take my son to play at the park afterwards, but there were a number of shady looking characters hanging out, so I decided to take my son to elsewhere…

    What’s more, and this is important, in September, when school began, one parent was in the habit of sending her 7 year old girl to pick up her little sister from kindergarten, and the pair would walk to Olive park and remain there for hours UNATTENDED. Since I noticed that the little girls were leaving school without an adult, I would take my kid to the park and watch all the children until the girls’ mother would show up… I understand the mother was having childcare difficulties, but it’s JUST NOT SAFE to let children play in parks unattended! I brought the matter up to the principal and teachers, even phoned in a report to the police, and the school swiftly addressed the issue and pulled in the resource of WATCHDOGS, which is the group of fathers who keep an eye on kids as they make their way home, but WATCHDOGS can only volunteer to be eyes for what’s immediately around the school and not supervise the parks, so parents need to use better judgment and NOT let their kids play in parks without supervision. It would also be ideal if the police could drive around the schools when school’s let out, especially since Monrovia has had serious gang violence, and, the Mayor’s proposal to get Block Parents installed in the community. We’ve all be talking loads about making the solutions, but now that we know what is needed, we need to act! So let’s get to it!!!

  • Horton Hears

    I phoned the Monrovia Police Department to find out whether I might be helpful as a witness since I was at Olive Park during the time of the reported child abduction attempt, and the Watch Commander has informed me that NO ATTEMPT took place.

    What has occurred was an incident of a pre-teen making a false report for non-disclosed reasons.