Homeless roundup

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INDUSTRY — Sheriff’s officials are in the process of “relocating” several homeless people encamped near San Angelo Park in La Puente.

The operation began about 7 a.m. and will continue through the day. As many as 60 homeless are encamped near the park in the San Mateo Creek, according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Smith.

“There’s a lot of underbrush and thickets there,” he said. “It’s not hygenic. Another problem is that it’s still winter and we’re due for rainstorms. A rising river poses a threat to them and public safety personel.”

Smith said the homeless will be hooked up with mental and social services and beds will be found. The folks will be innoculated.

Oh, and the sheriff’s department will run a criminal background check on al lthey come into contact with, Smith said.

“There are criminals that use homeless encampments for cover to go out and commit burglaries and robberies,” he said. “Everyone will be run for warrants and their criminal wanted history.”

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  • AP

    Maybe they can go to the Tent City in Ontario?