The same in any language


This from the World Journal, a Chinese language newspaper based in Monterey Park.  Their reporter was covering an execution type killing in Rosemead that left one man injured and another seriously wounded. I used Google Translator to give the flavor of the coverage. The dead teen was identified as Jimmy Tran, 18, of El Monte:

At the location near to residential communities, not far from the commercial district, Park corner is a kindergarten, residents in the Chinese and Hispanic majority. He evening, living in the vicinity of the house looks into Michael Hispanic television, not witnessed, but it 4-5 sound heard gunshots, he dared not go out to see, only silent prayer that no casualties.

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  • Us

    Can you explain the lack of community response to the murders happening in predominately Latino neighborhoods? While I haven’t been keeping a body count (I know you have, with your nifty widget), I get the impression more people have been shot in the past month in La Puente, Valinda, Bassett, El Monte and Baldwin Park, than had been shot in Monrovia and Duarte during the height of the conflagration.

    Why no meetings? press conferences?

  • frank

    Maybe because the residents of Monrovia and Duarte are more concerned about their own community than the other folks.

    The Monrovia and Duarte residents themselves have organized many marches and meetings. If people are always expecting someone else to take action in their own community, they may be waiting a long time.

    If my house is on fire, I am going to grab a garden hose befor the fire department shows up.

  • Frank

    By the way I’m not Frank Giradot.