Moe and Glo


Gloria Allred seems like a nice lady She was genuinely concerned about her clients St. James and La Donna Davis. She even wiped St. James’ face as he wept about being unable to stop a woman from stealing his wife’s purse while the couple shopped at a Target store in West Covina last Sunday.

Allred characterized St. James as a hero. After all she noted St. James risked his life to save LaDonna when the couple were attacked by crazed chimps in March 2005.

The attack occurred at a home for wildlife in Caliente, Calif. It was the place they sent Moe when the city of West Covina insisted that Moe couldn’t live at the Davis’ home anymore.

Wednesday Allred called a press conference. I think to help the Davises get a little publicityfor their case. She shared a photo of the suspected purse snatcher and offered to take calls from anyone who had information about the woman in the surveillance photo.

Allred also propped up a copy of a book about Moe, I think


it was the official biography. I’ve seen a copy floating around the office. In return, St. James pitched Allred’s book, “Fight Back and Win.”

Some of the more callous members of the media were moved by St. James and LaDonna. One cameraman even shook St. James’ hand and said, “You are a true hero.”

You can’t help but be impressed by Allred. She knows how to handle the media. She speaks well and seems sincere. Her office commands the 15th floor of a mid-Wilshire high-rise and the conference room has a sweeping vista of the Hollywood Hills.

The people who work for her all all pretty nice too. Not like the usual secretaries, paralegals and hacks one typically might find in an attorney’s office.

The pictures here are both pre-press conference. Allred talks fast, which makes for good TV, but difficult to take accurate notes – fortunately she (not an assistant) passed out a copy of a statement That’s a long winded excuse for not snapping a pic of Allred. (maybe next time).

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