Child struck by car in critical condition

I just spotted this on the Star-News website:

PASADENA — A 7-year-old child remains in critical condition after he and his parents were struck by a car that ran over the curb after a collision in Old Pasadena.

The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, at the busy intersection of Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

The child’s father, Jose de la Rosa, 36, was listed in fair condition on Friday, Pasadena Police Officials said.

He had suffered several fractures, Pasadena Fire officials said.

The mother was not seriously injured and has been discharged, Fire officials said.

The family was visiting relatives, and had arrived from out-of-town just hours before the incident, officials said.

When the incident occurred, bike officials from the Pasadena Traffic Enforcement group and paramedics from Ambumed — who just happened to be in the area — aided local emergency officials on the scene.

The incident is still under investigation.

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  • Miss Havisham

    People drive too fast around this town, and usually in their gigantic SUVs. How many times have I seen a tiny person jump out of one of those? Millions. I guess it makes the diminutive driver feel safer but the rest of us are just useless weeds to be mowed down. Annoying and TRAGIC!

  • ecce eco

    This is why I turned in my Navigator for a Prius.