Parents turn in son to cops after peeking at his MySpace

This is a brief that will run in tomorrow’s paper, and the story is apparently a little stale. But I like it because of several elements.  I’m sure you all can guess what elements. Here’s the jist of the piece:

A 15-year-old local boy was arrested on suspicion of eight area burglaries after his parents noticed incriminating statements on his MySpace page, said Glendora police Detective Marty Barrett.

After viewing the MySpace entries,  the boy’s parents searched their sons room and found what appeared to be stolen property. After that, they called the cops.

Four of the burglaries were to homes, and the other four were to cars, police said. In each case the boy allegedly took advantage of unlocked doors and windows to commit the crimes, Barrett said.

The burglaries took place over a three week period.

Jewelry, cash, credit card information, electronics, Playboy mags, and adult movies were among the items stolen, Barrett said. All but the cash were recovered.

The teen allegedly used stolen credit card information to purchase $600 worth of iTunes, said the detective.

Once arrested, the teen suspect was extremely cooperative, and pointed out all the locations hed struck, Barrett said. Two of the victims werent aware their property had been stolen.


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  • AP

    MySpace. A Place For Idiots.

  • 5th estate

    This amazes me. Anyone over the age of 12 knows not to put anything in writing that they wouldn’t want to see published in the local paper. In 3 years college admissions officers will be googling your name, Dumbass!!

  • Charles

    lol those people are dumbasses for leaving their doors unlocked. haha this kid was just smart.