Area photo archives

7135-missionsangabriel-thumb-300x239.jpgThe photo was taken in 1921. It comes from the UCLA photo archive of LA Times photos. Here’s the caption:

A FINAL LIVING LINK WITH ROMANTIC PAST IS SEVERED: Funeral cortege of Santo Juncio, leaving San Gabriel Mission yesterday. Chief Youngturtle of the Chickasaw tribe (in the head-dress) is leading the native pallbearers carrying the coffin of the 106-year-old man.







This is “The Tamale” an East Los Angeles Lunchroom. My guess is that this shot was also taken in the 1920s. Here’s the caption:

Lunch room specializing in hispanic foods in the shape of a tamale. Located at 6421 Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles.






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  • OMG! The tamale building is still there. I can’t get over the Google street view thing–incredible.

  • the whole google street view thing is weird. Sometimes it works and displays, sometimes it doesn’t. I think it has to do with browser and processing speed, but I could be wrong…anyway yes it is still there.

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