Pot Luck

One day after an informant for the El Monte PD was killed, detectives continued their string of pot busts with a roust in Rowland Heights. A home at 2040 Bing Court, yielded more pot than a bust at the gated El Monte community on Maxon Road last Friday.



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  • us

    Good Job, Government Officials! Keeping our streets safe from vegetation! All the while, murder after murder goes unsolved in the SGV. Dead youth after dead youth. Mothers and Fathers hearts are torn asunder and you dipsticks have the gall to celebrate a pot bust?

    You can bust grower after grower and never seriously impact the trade of marijuana. Your dimwits are no match for mother nature’s fecundity.

  • 5th estate

    Why would anyone work with the authorities when they are too busy making pot busts rather than protecting their assets?