California v Miller

Brian Miller pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of telephone harassment. A poster here the other day claimed Miller pleaded guilty in the case. The poster was wrong.

Here’s a portion of Dan Abendschein’s story:

POMONA – The ex-boyfriend of a woman who has disappeared with their three children was pleaded not guilty on Thursday to making annoying telephone calls to the fugitive’s father.

Brian Miller , the son of Rep. Gary Miller , R-Brea, allegedly made harassing calls to Jude Lopez of Diamond Bar, the father of Jennifer Dejongh, who had three kids with Miller .

The charge is for making repeated calls with “intent to annoy another person at his or her residence.”

Dejongh has been a fugitive for several months after disobeying a custody order and disappearing with the kids in November.

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  • observant ll

    Hello Frank,I posted that Brian Miller had confessed,I did not say he had pleaded guilty.He has to be arraigned first.I did jump the gun regarding his sentencing.I assumed that confessing ment he wanted to avoid dragging this out.

  • observant ll

    Hello Frank,I posted that Brian Miller had confessed,I did not say he had pleaded guilty.He has to be arraigned first.I did jump the gun regarding his sentencing.I assumed that confessing ment he wanted to avoid dragging this out.

  • observant ll

    Hello Frank,I posted that Brian Miller had confessed,I did not say he had pleaded guilty.He has to be arraigned first.I did jump the gun regarding his sentencing.I assumed that confessing ment he wanted to avoid dragging this out.

  • techie

    Hey Jude, learn how to post!
    You should be a Pro by now!!

  • techie

    Im still a rookie.

  • Law School Grad

    Observant II is about as knowledgable as the person who thinks that the Jury is going to acquit Jenny for abducting her kids.

    They must have attended the same law school.

    Imagine….locked up for years…with NO Tiara:-0

  • wonderer

    Yes,its true.His attorney pleaded for him.I guess the fortunate son is too good to show up to his own arraignment.

  • wonderer

    Yes its true.Brian Miller’s
    attorney pleaded for him.I guess the fortunate son can’t show up for his own case.We will have to wait until June 4th.

  • Fortunate?

    ANYONE who gets involved with Jennifer or the Lopez family is far from fortunate.

  • name calling

    Hey Jude! Lets talk about the name changes! I’m waiting!

  • Anonymous

    We want answers Judas!

  • Anonymous

    Frank, don’t you find it odd that Jude hasn’t answered the name questions? You, must be very interested in his answer right? let’s get behind the yellow tape! let’s expose the TRUTH behind the Lopez lies! Come on, Frank do your job!

  • Anonymous

    Gesh! Where are you Jude? You run your mouth about the Millers but, won’t answer one simple qusetion….hmmmm…..You know in your heart the answer is why your grandchildren were taken away from your daughter huh? I feel bad for you, you love your daughter and beleived all her lies, in her fantasy world. You know what the doctor reports said about her….Im going to save you the humiliation!

  • Really?

    What do all of these comments have to do with Brian Miller making harassing phone calls? I’m confused, this story and the comments make no sense.

  • Anonymous

    No SPIN zone! Tell us Jude! Tell the truth! I don’t care about Brian Miller making harrrassing calls! let’s talk about the name changes!Direct question! Waiting for an answer!The court will take care of Brian!

  • Yes, Really!

    They make sense to everyone but YOU (Jude). Yes, you are confused and stop trying to get us to not see what the truth is with all your smoke and mirrors. We are not as ignorant as YOU and Your family.

  • save them from her

    I am surprised. I thought it would take longer for everyone to see through the B.S. that the Lopez family is so good at creating. Its obvious that the tide of support has swung. The problem that the Lopez gang was not counting on is that so many people actually know Jennifer and her ways. Yes, I suppose it maybe true that Brian was convicted of abusing her but that was before she had two more kids with him. Don’t think for a minute that the abuse did not go back and forth from what I have been told. She loved the drama and the idea of being in a congressmans family. She always let everyone know who he was. As for the phone calls, if I had kids and someone was helping a woman kidnap them, I think I would do much worse than harassing phone calls. This is all happening now because Brian grew up and found someone else. Jennifer couldnt handle the idea of not being the daughter of a congressman and started torturing that man. Her poor husband, might I add that she picked some guy way younger and easily controlled, has ruined his life. I guess thats what you get when you allow yourself to be a puppet.

  • 5th estate

    drug addled son of prominent father not unwilling to use his office for his ends, ’nuff said.

    Seriously in this day of caller ID and #69 who is stupid enough to make crank phone calls?

  • Friend of Brian Miller

    Brian, indeed, grew up and found a new girlfriend, Krista. She is better suited for him since they are both in the same weight class (heavyweight). There was a rumor that, for Christmas, she wanted him to get her something that went from zero to 200 in under six seconds. He got her a bathroom scale. I remember reading somewhere that he told the psychiatrist that he is not sexually attracted to KRISTA since she gained 10 pounds. How petty. Brian sounds like a grown up. Thats only the weight on one chin and she has more chins than a Chinese phone book. — Anyone smart enough can see the tide has turned because Brian Miller and Krista can’t make harassing phone calls anymore since the state is charging Brian. The only thing crazier is to not be attracted to someone who has gained 10 pounds. What a mess Brian and Krista are.

  • wonderer

    I thought Brian and Krista were going to get married last summer.What happened? Are they still engaged?

  • what is real

    Is it true that Gary and morbidly obese Cathy Miller only sought custody of the twins and not the eldest child Brian? The father Brian Miller never paid child support? Then in the technological age of call trace and caller ID Brian Miller tries to harass people. And then pleads not guilty when the State of California has the proof against him? Man besides being convicted felons, the Millers sound like outstanding characters. Sign me up to let them raise my kids.

  • wonderer

    I thought Brian and Krista were going to get married last summer.Are they still engaged?

  • anonymous

    But that ok.Gary loves to be away from home and in D.C.He’s a good looking man and must have a mistress on the side.I don’t blame him.

  • name calling!

    Jude! what’s up with name changes! give it to us straight! I don’t care about Brians girlfriend and gaining 10 pounds or Gary being good looking! I care about what the doctors had to say about you and your daughter stripping that little boy of his name! and having the boys call their Dad by another name! that’s the question Jude! When the answer is the reason why your daughter lost custody of her children I guess I to would try to change the subject and throw mud on Brians girlfriend who cares about her?I won’t let you change the subject Jude! Insulting the childrens grandmother….that’s so sad!

  • anonymous

    Check out this new site I just

  • I think my name is Brian

    Talk to us Judas! tell us about the abuse at your daughters hands with stripping little Brian of his name! and having your boys call their father Gene….Come on Judas come clean!

  • Hey Frank

    Hey wake up why is the Miller’s speech and Krista’s speech freer than anyone else’s? To remove peoples blog comments is ridiculous especially when you keep comments that defame the Lopez family. C-mon remove this one too.

  • Jude!

    Come on Jude, Answer the qusetion! I think frank, is finally on to you. Stick to the facts! You, know the answer will kill your case, so you TRIED to shift the topic to weight….Were on to you!

  • You had your 15 minutes of fame.

    Stick to the facts! Answer the question Jude! Frank, you have always been sympathetic to the Lopez family…Right?….You remove some comments that had NOTHING to do with the children just mean attacks about someone’s weight and Jude calls foul? Frank, why don’t you ask him yourself about the mental abuse! direct question…What did the doctors have to say about stripping the boy of his name? and Jen, forcing the boys to call their Dad Gene. Please, ask Frank.

  • oc surfer

    Rather then “stick to the facts” lets stick to the subject matter.California vs Miller! and should’nt the Millers call foul for attacks against them.I think its time for Frank to close down this blog or limit it to 5 days after a new article appears.Its getting childish.

  • 5th Estated


  • anonymous I

    Check out a site I

  • Gene

    Why would OC Surfer want to silence free speech on internet blogs? What is this Iraq? I knew Brian’s girlfriend Krista and she is on the heavy side. But what does that have to do with Brian Miller being a convicted abuser and making harassing phone calls?

  • waiting to exhale

    Why did Jen, change her son’s name?

  • Anonymous


  • oc surfer

    I posted my comment in response to the prior post,which accused Frank of removing some comments.If its true(and i’ve seen it) its not free speech anyway.The blog owner has the power to approve what we see.

  • Twinkie

    Wow, read this link. The Miller’s really are quite crafty. I knew there was more to this story.

  • Anonymous

    Jude, Why did Jen change Lil’ Brians name and have her boys call their Dad “Gene”? why Jude? why?

  • Anonymous

    Jude, the site has died down. That’s the only time you come out of hidding to mudding up the waters. Answer the question….EVERYONE knows now why the court system took your grandchildren away from your daughter.MENTAL abuse. You, know that Brian NEVER abused the boys, you said it before the counslers and the doctors……Your own words Jude.Your family made up the same stuff against your sons ex-wife…Be honest Jude.I live on the same street you do…I remeber Jen screaming at the boys before school to hurry up or else they would be taken away from her if they were late for school again. She would also curse at the boys out of frustration…..As, a parent I understand frustation but to scare those boys like that was ABUSIVE. I heard all of this with my own ears.You know it’s true Jude. At, first I was sympathetic to you and your family then when you avoided answering the name change questions I did some research of my own. Your not being honest Jude.

  • bing home the boys safe!

    Did everyone see America’s Most Wanted on Saturday? Guess, who was featured? It was Jen! You can run but you can’t hide! How scary for the boys to have to hide and keep up the lie with fake names etc….Oh yea, Jen started the lies with their names LONG before they fled! Jen, is so scary!