Making hay out of a bad boy

Robert Parry goes on the attack over at Foothill Cities, focusing on a series of emails to him and comments on blog entries directed at the Monrovia POA.

It’s a lengthy dissertation, but the gist of his post (and apparently comments before the Monrovia City Council Tuesday night) is that someone who works in Monrovia City Councilman Tom Adams’ Real Estate office doesn’t like cops.

Here’s a picture of Adams and an excerpt from Parry’s post:


Is Councilman Thomas E. Adams, in fact, Tom Edwards, Hay and Bad Boy? If not, who in his office would say such vile, nasty things, and why would he associate with them?

Does he believe that the police officers of this City are no better than thieves, taking money from people with their guns?

Does he believe our police officers are lazy, worth no more than $15 an hour, and no different from criminals, except for their badges?

Does he really believe that sergeant Verna was hurt by a donut, not the bullet of a felon who was trying to kill him?

And, finally, how long has Mr. Adams harbored these anti-cop sentiments, and how have they impacted his judgment when these officers have asked to be paid at the average of their counterparts in other cities?

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