The Ecology of Fear


Reading the Daily Bulletin article about Pomona’s new restrictions on sex offenders got me thinking about a drawing called “Ecology of Fear.” It’s an unvarnished urban planners guide to community mapping in our region.

The drawing actually comes from Mike Davis’ 1999 book of the same name. Her’s a partial review of the book from Publisher’s Weekly that I found on Amazon:


“I’m not summoning Armageddon,” affirms Davis, a social historian and urban theorist whose 1990 NBCC-nominated, dystopian history of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, City of Quartz, is now a cult classic. Maybe so, but the portrait of a city on the brink presented in this powerful, if sometimes scattershot, follow-up volume is sure to remind readers of the Book of Revelations.

… As the population continues to spread into new areas, there will be, predicts the author, an increase in confrontations between the region’s wildlife and settlers, a situation rendered more explosive by the widespread poverty and racial problems endemic to the city, and the vast disparities of relief services.

So how much of this has come to pass?

Wildlife encounters are becoming more common

Racial tensions have been recently heightened.

In Orange County there’s no services for the mentally ill and homeless so they are apparently dumped on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

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