Housekeeper released! *

Note from Star-news city editor Hector Gonzalez:

they just released the housekeeper in the 90 yr old’s death–lack of evidence

This just hours after Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said the housekeeper was a prime suspect…..somebody’s got some explaining to do here.

*The woman has been exonerated, officials told City News this afternoon.

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  • Local Boy

    Come on Frank, you know there are time constraints to filing on a suspect. Doesn’t mean they won’t or not keep on eye on the suspect. Just means they need more time to present a solid case if it gets to that point.

  • xyz

    AZUSA (KABC) — Investigators are on the hunt for an armed robber who killed a man in Azusa early Saturday morning.
    Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies said two men were walking in the 600 block of Gladstone Street just before 2 a.m. when a gunman got out of a parked car and demanded money.
    While one of the victims ran and was not hurt, the second man was shot.
    Rescuers performed CPR on the victim, but he was declared dead at the scene.