Covina OIS remains hot on Topix board

The death of Glenn Patrick Rose following a pursuit that ended in a hail of gunfire in a Covina alley is generating a lot of comment from friends and family in a Topix discussion of Amanda Baumfeld’s story.

Here’s a sample comment from someone identified as JoJo of Covina:

Those of us that knew Patrick know what cause’s this type of behavior. Those of you that were close to him know exactly what I’m saying.

Several other commenters have taken up a defense of Rose on the site.

Meanwhile, Rose’s girlfriend Sarah Rebecca Morales, 24, of Pomona was arraigned Thursday on three counts of assault on a police officer or firefighter and two counts of taking or driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

She’s being held in lieu of $60,000 bail at the same Lynwood facility that housed Paris Hilton last summer, according to the sheriff’s inmate locator.

BTW, here’s a link to the Trib’s discussion forum, which is hosted by Topix.


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  • Shocked

    I am shocked and apalled that more people don’t spring to Rose’s defense. I’m equally astonished that people don’t understand how easy it is for the police to force Rose into a stolen car, sending him on a wild chase, and making him send a 2000 pound car rocketing toward police officers who are pointing loaded guns at him.

    It is simple logic. Free will, choices, mature decision making, responsibility, accountability; these words should be stricken from the English dictionary! At minimum, we must remove these concepts from our educational system. We need to make sure that our children see themselves as uncontrollable objects drifting in the sea of random events, over which only fate (God or the Devil – your choice) has control.

    Now, police officers earn a lot of money. They should realize that when an individual searches for the right tool to break into a car, starts it, drives in a manner that places the general public at substantial risk of great bodily harm or death, then, when finally blocked in, tries to mow down as many police officers in his path as possible, to escape and continue his maniacle rampage – THESE ARE MISTAKES. They are mistakes like forgetting to pay your credit card bill on time, calling your husband or wife by your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, forgetting to send a birthday card to your mother, or not doing your homework on time. They are mistakes.

    It doesn’t take a lot of work and intentional decision making to end up dying in a hail of police gunfire. One could simply walk out one’s door and find themselves “accidentally”, “unintentionally”,
    rocketing down the road an ultimately dead on the pavement with dozens of police bullets in their body. It could happen.

    I urge our police officers to stop making people do these terrible things. Our police make too much money and should always be held accountable for other people’s actions.

    There is no such thing as free will and personal responsibility. It certainly does not take hard work to find yourself in the situation Rose found himself that night.

    [Disclaimer – Inglewood incident is the rare exception]