Monrovia on the lookout


Melissa Pamer reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau has released the sketches of two men wanted in connection with a Jan. 14 drive-by shooting in Monrovia in which two men might have been slightly injured.

Here’s the sketches at left.

I imagine folks in Monrovia have some questions for officials about certain elements of the story.

Here are my questions and observations:

1. Why is homicide releasing sketches of figures wanted in


what is likely to be charged as an assault at best? It’s my understanding that homicide detectives only investigate actual homicides.

2. When it comes to the Sammantha Salas slaying, why does homicide Lt. Dan Rosenberg say he’s not ready ask for a reward from Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s office? Antonovich’s flack Tony Bell has said repeatedly that he’s talked to detectives about that. Can we infer that these two might be wanted in the Salas case as well? What’s the story here?

3. Officials that Pamer talked to said crime tips have decreased as media attention has waned in Monrovia.  It almost sounds as if the media is being blamed for a lack of interest in the community. Truth be told, Monrovia seems to have several pretty active community forums among them FCBLOG, City Hall, North Primrose and Frazgo on MetBlogs. Additionally we’ve had a section of our Web site exclusively devoted to the shootings.

4. Early on in the investigation, authorities blamed the rising tensions in the community on recently released parolees. Do these composite drawings match the mug shots of actual parolees reportedly released into the community?




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  • Ray

    Your last sentence is a topic I’ve addressed several times; for years DHS/FBI has publicized it’s billion $$ computer ‘Face Recognition Program’ with security cameras installed at airports,courts, sporting events etc. etc. to instantly match faces in a crowd a mile away with a wanted susp. photo. Need I gone on?, what’s the problem here?.Clue me in.