Weird scenes inside the goldmine


There’s a possibility that victims of the Manson Family may still be buried in near a desert hideout in Inyo County.

This from Radar:

The search for remains at the Barker Ranch in Death Valley begins Next Tuesday when a crew of scientists, laser technicians, cadaver dogs, soil testers, and search team from Inyo County Sheriff’s Office will comb the cult’s old clubhouse grounds. Since the 1969 murders, rumors and speculation have been rampant as to whether additional bodies had been disposed of at Barker Ranch, where Manson was arrested, found hiding under a kitchen sink in fetal crouch. So, why now after all these years? “The sheriff just really wants to put this to rest,” sheriff spokesperson Carma Roper tells Radar. “He wants conclusive answers.”

Google map below shows the location of the ranch.





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