The mystery of the trashcan girl

The PCC Courier got a copy of the coroner’s report on Liya “Jessie” Lu.

Lu, a student at PCC, went missing last summer. Her body was later discovered stuffed in a trashcan in an Arcadia b ackyard.

Isaac Campbell, Liu’s boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of killing Liu after he was captured in Minnesota, following his flight from California.

Here’s an excerpt of the Courier story by reporter Franco Sui Yuan: (nice job Franco!)

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The cause of death of former PCC student Liya ‘Jessie’ Lu remains a mystery after the Coroner’s medical examiners released their report on Tuesday.

Lu’s body was found in a trashcan covered with approximately 10 gallons of kitty litter on Sept. 15, almost a month after her disappearance.

“The elaborate preparation to dispose of the cadaver is a strong indication of the intent to dispose of evidence that could point out the cause and manner of death,” said medical examiners in the Coroner’s autopsy report. “Considering all these circumstances the manner of death is homicidal.”

Eventually, Lu’s advanced-decomposing body stopped any type of conclusions in regards of her cause of death. “The cause of death in this case remains undetermined after autopsy and toxicological examinations,” said the report.

The Coroner’s report reveals that Lu’s body was suffering greenish discoloration on the skin, disintegration on the internal and external organs, and brain liquification – the process in which a solid or a gas becomes liquid.

The report also discloses that Lu’s body had no external or internal evidence of injuries, which increased the ambiguity on her slaying.

One-time PCC nursing program student Isaac Campbell is charged with murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Lu.

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