You’re approaching Monrovia *

KABC ran a hokey (but informative) piece on Thursday’s newscast about the ongoing dispute between the Monrovia POA and City Hall (of course THE BILLBOARD was prominently featured).

Reporter Rob Hayes told the story Thursday night outside City Hall


It’s the kind of place where you see a city worker putting up an American Flag and if you whistle a few bars you feel as if you are in Mayberry.


As for the noise these billboards are making, its certainly harder to hear the whistle… (Mayberry theme in the background)

Hayes’ report also makes reference to a planned rally at the police station Friday night…




*UPDATE: The rally, which starts at 5:30 p.m outside the police station is the work of residents and shop owners who dont’ care for the billboard. Melissa Pamer reports:

Some residents and local business owners have condemned the billboards, saying they paint an unfair picture of Monrovia and will drive away customers.

The rally is intended to ask officers to take the billboards down, said Debbie Elliott-Penzer, one of the chief organizers of the rally.

“Everybody needs a raise, but don’t go about it this way,” Elliott-Penzer said. “We don’t do business like that in the city of Monrovia.”

Robert CJ Parry responds in an email:

Really?  Are you sure the shop owners are even mostly resident of Monrovia?


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