Four americans apparently executed in Baja

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This from NBC in San Diego:

SAN DIEGO — Mexican police found the bodies Sunday evening of four American citizens who had been shot to death near their car, according to a Mexican newspaper.

The bodies three men and a woman, all shot to death execution-style, were discovered at about 6 p.m. Sunday in a ravine near Rosarito Beach, the newspaper Frontera reported on its Web site. Two African-American men were found in a green Cadillac with California license plates, the paper reported. Police found the body of a third African-American man in a group of trees near the car.

Officials said the white woman was about 50 yards from the car. She, like the other victims, had been shot in the head, Frontera reported.


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  • Ray

    Mexico or Iraq what’s the difference?, don’t drink the water, don’t stand near a policeman, sleep on the floor and don’t whine if you don’t make it back to the U.S.A.
    Why are millions of mexican citizens dying to get out of that country?.
    If you traveled to buy your dope just go to downtown L.A..

  • Joe

    I guess Baja/CSI will solve this one.

  • Mike

    Tues. 5-20-08
    Holy Moly! Would you believe this: Mexican Police think murders could be drug related!
    Check San Diego Tribune today.