Monrovia city manager tells his side

The Monrovia city manager claims tactics used by the city’s police officer’s union add “insult to injury,” according to a blog post published Sunday by Miss Havisham.

After a humorous introduction, Havisham and City Manager Scott Ochoa get down to the heart of the matter:

Miss H:

How difficult has it been negotiating with the Monrovia Police Officer’s Association?


Mr Ochoa: If the City had extra cash for billboards (estimated at $20K per month) or phone banks, I think the public would demand that it be used for officer salaries – and rightly so. I believe these tactics by the MPOA have only hurt their cause. Their pay demands – while tone deaf to the realities of today’s economy and thus, the taxpayers who pay our salaries – could probably be understood by folks as part of the contract negotiation process; but the billboards’ impact, whether real or perceived, on business and/or property values appears to be too much to be overlooked. The MPOA’s donation/solicitation letter that hit mailboxes late last week seemed to add insult to injury.

All this said, I still believe (indeed, I have to believe) that we can find a reasonable accommodation. I am confident that we can check all of the baggage and bad blood at the door; but lasting and viable resolution will take compromise from both parties.

Perhaps there’s hope

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